The Mighty Pen: 10 Ways Branded Pens Help Your Message

Whether you're a business, a school or a blushing bride, one of the best ways to get your message out there is to use branded pens.


Promotional products are widely used by businesses as a form of consumer outreach. 

Branded pens are a tasteful and effective way to communicate a message, whether for business purposes or personal reasons. 

Here are 10 ways that a branded pen can help you get your message out there:

Branded Pens Make an Impression

It's no question that promotional pens with your brand on them make a substantial impression on potential customers that can often directly translate to sales. 

If you put some time into designing the logo or insignia that you will print on the pen, you will see that more and more people recognize your brand. If you distribute 500 pens, that is 500 potential new customers. 

Your pens should act as a clandestine salesperson for your company. They let people know about your brand in a subtle way that isn't too heavy-handed. 

They Are Useful

Plenty of promotional products get distributed to hundreds of people, only to get thrown in the trash or otherwise forgotten about. Pens serve a utilitarian purpose and often get used again and again.

In fact, pens have been listed in certain studies as a desired promotional product among consumer bases. 

They Advertise Your Brand

As stated before, pens can do a lot to sell your brand to potential customers. This is made possible because of the fact that pens are easily disseminated and can communicate a lot of useful information. 

For example, you can have more than just your company's name on a promotional pen. You can also print contact information, like your company's phone number or email, on the pen. 

If a potential customer finds themselves in need of your product or service, then they will be holding the answer to their problems in their hands!

They Don't Cost a Fortune

Compared to other promotional products, the cost to distribute pens practically amounts to the change in your pocket. In fact, many pens do not cost much more than a quarter per unit. 

The potential sales increases that you can receive from promotional pens far outweighs the cost to make and distribute them. Although there is a small cost associated with them, the benefits surely outweigh the costs in this case.

They Are Often Shared

When you distribute a group of pens to visitors to your office, at trade shows, or at conventions, it is unlikely those pens will stay with them for long. But this is a good thing. 

Very few people are attached to specific pens these days, despite the fact that they are useful to pretty much everyone. This means that your promotional pen may change hands quite a few times. 

But the more people come in contact with your pens, the more they are exposed to your brand. Promotional products are all about making sure people know about your company and your brand. 

If they are looking for something that you happen to provide, it is very likely that your company will be at the top of their list to consult. 

They Enable Your Brand to Be Associated With Quality 

If you distribute a well-made, aesthetically pleasing pen with your brand on it, it is very likely that people will begin to associate your company and your services accordingly.

If your pen stands out as particularly high-quality, potential customers are likely to see your brand as reliable. This is why putting effort into the design of your promotional products is essential. 

Promotional pens can serve as ambassadors for your company, and if they are cheap and fall apart after a few uses, what does that say about the product or service that your company offers?

Spending a little more money to distribute a high-quality pen can pay off big in the long run. 

They Imply Professionalism

Just distributing your pen to the public is not enough. Once you commission custom pens, you should make sure that those pens are being used throughout your office. 

When visitors come into your workspace and they see employees using company pens, it can give off a very good impression. It can also show your customers that your pens are important enough to be used in a professional setting. 

They Last Quite a While

If you focus on developing a high-quality product, it is likely that your pen will be around to promote your brand for generations. A good, sturdy pen can withstand the wear and tear of repeated use.

Other promotional products simply do not offer the same promise of longevity. 

They Are Appreciated By a Wide Demographic

From school-aged children to retirees, everyone uses pens in some fashion. That's what makes branded pens so easy. You have a very large population of people that are primed to give your brand free advertising, just by using something they use every day. 

If you are on the fence about which promotional products to purchase, branded pens are a good option just because of their sheer ubiquitousness. The more people you have showcasing your brand, the better off you will be. 

They Are Simple Gestures That Go a Long Way 

Branded pens are a simple elegant gesture for a potential customer that can show that you are passionate about the services or products you provide. 

Some companies opt to spend money on promotional materials that their customers do not connect with. These items are not only a waste of financial resources, they show your customers that you are willing to spend frivolously. 

This is not a good look for your company or your brand. You should always make sure that the public perception of your brand is positive, and a branded pen is one way to do that. 


It's no question that promotional items still make a splash with consumers. 

The world may be shifting to the web and favoring automatic processes, but branded pens are still a great way to reach out to a potential customer. Some professionals still prefer writing by hand to typing

Branded pens are a sophisticated way to spread your message and promote your image to potential consumers. 

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