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Thank you I couldn't be more pleased with the service that I received, this was a rushed order, and your company completed this in the time frame I thought no one could!

very , nice

Great buy!

I love me personalized pens! They look great and write smoothly on all surfaces! Highly recommend!

Awesome pens!!

I ordered these pens for two reasons.

1. The past work with PensXpress that I had was exceptional.

2. This is a veteran owned company. I would rather pay a few cents more per item and have my items done here in the US by someone who has served our country than have my work done in another country.

Thank you for the awesome job. I will be ordering from you again!!

Assorted pens

Good product so far. Pretty and expensive looking.

Xpress Gavia pens

Pros: the cost (even with paying for rush shipping), and the pens arrived on the day I said that I needed them.
Con: the barrel and the bottom with the faux grip are different colors on most of the pens. I previously ordered samples of this pen and three others, and the sample pen does not have this issue. Definitely will NOT order this pen again.

Great product!

I received my order and it was delivered as expected. The pen is is perfect and will certainly purchase again.

Love my new printed pens. They look and write great and shipped in a fair amount of time.

60th Birthday Ccelebration Pens

Pens were very elegant looking. Reasonable priced, were sent in time for my birthday celebration! Thank you so very much

Purple Passion

My new pens are wonderful... Came in great time... Everything is perfect Nails By Michelle Moreno is happy to bless her clients with Great Ink pens... Thank you, PensXpress.com

A++ Service

This is the second time I've ordered from PensXpress, and I'll keep coming back. Terrific customer service and fast turnaround. A++ service every time. One very happy customer.


Great quality at a bargain price. Arrived on time. Thanks for the wonderful customer service.

Xpress Sync
Great Value!!!

Fast service, good value. Very nice pens.


Quick turn around time, exactly as I expected, and the pens work immediately. I was very happy with this order. We ordered with a logo and words. Excellent

Bought these pens as a gift for all that I work with in my department. Very happy with how they came out!! Loved that there was an option for multiple colors, instead of having to pick just one color.

I would have like the Black Oak Grove pens with the name on the opposite side. I donated them to the department. Although they were grateful for the donation, it would have looked way better to normal way. Just saying. Like you did all my other pens. Unless that is regulation for that type of department.

Wonderful pens!

I purchased these pens for a baby shower as a keepsake. They are great quality, customer service was wonderful, and everyone liked them!

Love them!

I use them for Giveaways at my book signings. The readers love the color. I’m very happy with them. Thank you. Ginniconquest.com

Another satisfied customer

The pens I ordered are beautiful and write smoothly! I will order from PensExpress again, thank you!

Great Pens!

Read many reviews before making our final decision. These were a great one. The colors are nice, the pens write fantastic & the logo came out perfectly even printed so small. These pens are a great choice, highly recommend, would purchase again.

Business Pens

We enjoy your pens very much, we will be putting them in customer cars and very pleased to give customers a nice pen with our logo for advertisement!

Great product

Great product, it met my expectations! totally recommended

Pens are awesome


These pens are soo cute and perfect!! my branding is very girl and these faux diamonds fit so well! the jewels are secure and the pens themselves write very well! And while begin girly, you still get that sleek professional look!

The Regere
Cool looking, feel good, but half broke within an hour of usage

I had ordered customized pens as a gift for some hard working members of a professional organization I am part of. However, within an hour I had a lot of the pens given back to me as they were broken. To put it in perspective, I ordered 50 custom pens, and at least 15-20 of them have been thrown out already because they broke right after using them. It was my first order from this company, and I unfortunately am hesitant to order any other pens in the future. To be fair, I do not know if this was an isolated incident, or perhaps this pen style is not build well.

We're very sorry to hear you received your order and experienced some quality issues; Our QV team is looking into it further to avoid a recurrence. We can send you a replacement order at no charge - please note we can substitute with this item: https://www.pensxpress.com/collections/metal-pens/products/xpress-entrepreneur