About Us

Businesses enjoy offering memorabilia or novelty items, such as business cards or squeeze balls, to their customers so they can remember them. But the problem with this is that business cards end up lost or in the trash, while squeeze balls get stuck in office desk drawers, barely ever seeing the light of day.

So, what's the solution? Pens! People are always looking for pens and they use them daily. Here at PensXpress, we combine business and customer needs by offering customized pens with logo designs that your customers can remember your business by whenever they see or use them.

Huge Selection of Personalized Pen Solutions

Stand out from the crowd when you order custom pens from PensXpress, including wedding favor pens and promotional pens that come with a stylus.

Service Directly to YOU

Whether you're an individual or an organization, PensXpress offers customized pens that will meet your needs. Get service directly without the middleman. We serve customers just like you, including:

  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Individuals
  • Organizations

Best Pricing

Because we cut out the middleman, you get to experience the benefit of cost savings with our personalized pens solution:

  • No hidden fees, including the setup fees that most companies charge.
  • Free shipping on orders totaling $99 or more.
  • Low minimums. You don't have to order thousands to start a custom pens bulk order with us. With a low minimum of 25 pens, you can get started today.

Professional (and Caring) Customer Service

Our goal isn't just to supply you with affordable personalized pens. As a veteran- and family-owned business, we care about our customers. That's why we aim to give you not only the best pricing in the industry, but also professional, caring customer service for an experience that will keep you coming back for more. That's our guarantee.

Easy, Fast Service

We make it simple and fast to order custom pens, whether you need promotional pens with logo designs or personalized pens in bulk. You can easily provide your organization or business name, message, logo design and contact information, and we will include it all on your order. We also offer expedited shipping service if you need your pens right away.

Discover More About PensXpress

Are you ready to offer more than just the standard pen to your customers or target audience? Learn more about how to get started today with personalized pens from PensXpress. Contact us today!