Ordering Pens Online Guide

Ordering the perfect personalized pen is a fun, exciting experience that involves attention to detail and making it a simple process for anyone. From start to finish you want to make sure that all of your selections including your color theme and imprint information is on target to achieve full results on your marketing campaign. PensXpress offers the highest degree of customization to guarantee your ideal pen.

This ordering guide will take you step-by-step in making the right decisions when choosing your personalized options.

“Select Pen Color”

PensXpress offers a wide variety of high quality, affordable custom pens in an array of colors – On the drop down menu you have the option to choose (one) pen color OR if you would like to receive a variety of colors you’ll have the opportunity to choose our “Assorted in-Stock Color” option, at no additional cost.

When selecting an assortment of pen colors, we will choose a color variety within that model that will complement your imprint color selection (more details below).

If you’re interested in receiving “specific pen-colors” simply leave the request in our “Special Order Instructions” located at the bottom of the order form.

“Text and/or Logo Color” aka “Imprint Color”

This option refers to the color you want the imprint to appear on the pens. PensXpress currently offers single color imprint only. If you have a custom logo and text both will appear in the same single-color.

When choosing the imprint color please make note of the following recommendations:

  • On dark color pens such as: Black, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Maroon, Green and Purple - we recommend Silver, White or Gold imprint color.
  • On bright colors such as Orange, Pink, Fuchsia, Lime Green, Yellow - we recommend Black imprint Color.
  • On White color pens we recommend Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red imprint color.
  • On Gold or Silver pens, we recommend: Black or Navy Blue imprint color.

“Printing Option Needed”

Custom pens are a great way to promote your business or that special event, but keep in mind that pens are small and they do have a limited amount of space available for printing. It’s best not to overcrowd the pens with too much information.

On the drop down menu you get to select the printing option you want for your pens. For example:

  • Text Only FREE: will be for someone that needs standard wording printed on the pens such as the Company Name, Telephone number, Website etc.
  • Logo Only (additional 20.00 fee applies): You can select this option if you are using ONLY a custom logo – no other text-imprint is needed.
  • Text & Logo (additional 20.00 fee applies): You can select this option if you are using a custom logo (one color only) plus additional standard text imprint.
  • No Printing Needed: This is the option if you don’t want any imprint at all on your pens.

“Providing a Logo?”

To add that final touch on your promotional pens, you can e-mail us your custom graphic logo and we will print it directly on your pens. Nothing better than promotional logo pens to advertise and promote your company or organization!

The logo file has to be sent to us in an attachment via e-mail to: info@PensXpress.com. We also recommend placing your order first, then you can respond to the e-mail confirmation that is sent to you - simply attach the file and send it back to us.

To ensure the logo prints as crisp and clear as possible make sure to provide a Vector file (.eps or .ai) this will ensure the logo retains its sharp edges and clarity when it’s resized to fit on the pen. However if you have a different file-format you can still send it to us and we can review it; if possible we can convert it and resize it for you at no additional cost. Learn more about Vector files and artwork guidelines for logo printing

“Select Font Style”

Choosing the right font style is the key to successfully advertise your company and that personal branded look. PensXpress provides 25 font styles, to view them go to: Click To Preview Fonts.

Additional customization in the form of bold, italic or large size font on one of the text lines can also be requested – make sure to send us your request in the “Special Order Instructions” section of your order form page. (Any font not listed within the 25 option we provide is considered a logo and will be subject to the corresponding artwork costs).

“Customize Your Pens”

This is the area where you enter the text line(s) you want printed on the pens; say your company’s name, Phone #, Website etc. If you are using the pens for a special occasion, you can enter the name- theme, date etc. Endless advertising opportunities with these pens…

From years of experience in the marketing field we are finding that when it comes to advertisement most people prefer a short simple message, this is why we recommend printing the essentials such as company’s name, Phone number and website – this information is sufficient to advertise and get people to contact you by phone or drive them to your website as well. Too much imprint information on a pen can make it look crowded and distracting.

~ The number of lines available for printing is shown on each individual pen/order form page.

“When do you need your order?”

Tell us when you need to have the pens delivered by. Once the order is reviewed by one of our representatives we’ll contact you if you need any additional rush services to guarantee the date. If there is no date listed we’ll proceed with all the standard services.

  • Factory Production Time: Is the number of days it will take the warehouse to get the order processed, printed and ready to ship. STANDARD FACTORY PRODUCTION TIME is 5 Business Days (not including the day order is placed).

To expedite the Factory Production Time you can select “Yes” to the 30.00 fee – located on the order form for “Need Rush Printing?

  • Shipping transit time: Is the number of days that your package will be with the carrier in transit to your location. GROUND SHIPPING can take 1-6 Business Days (no weekends or Holidays Included).

To expedite the Shipping method/transit time - proceed to “ADD TO CART” on the shopping cart page you’ll find the “shipping calculator” you can select and calculate cost for the different options UPS offers: 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air.

“Special Order Instructions”

We’ve reserved this space just for you! Here you can enter any information we should know about your order - such as making an imprint line Bigger, Bolder, Italics etc - If you would like to receive an e-mail paper proof (.pdf format / Black and White) please make sure to add this request in here (see more info below).

“E-mail proof and Pre-Production Sample Request”

We can provide an e-mail proof upon request when placing your order. Make sure to enter your request in the “Special Order Instructions” section of your order form.

The following are the 2 different proof options:

  • FREE PAPER PROOF: this will be a .pdf file *black and white sent via e-mail, you can make unlimited changes until you’re satisfied with the way it looks - we'll only print your order when you approve it!
  • PRE-PRODUCTION PEN SAMPLE: a pen will be imprinted according to your specifications and will be mailed to you for your final approval. The additional fee is 20.00 – if you have any changes after you receive the sample, you can request a free e-mail proof unless you wish to continue to receive more pre-production samples (20.00 per request).

For either option, the request must be in writing – You can enter it on the "Special Order Instructions" when placing your order.

You made it! – Just verify that…

  • Once you complete the order form page you click on “ADD TO CART”
  • At the shopping cart you can view the cost of the pens, review your order and calculate your shipping fees – if it all looks good then click on “SECURE CHECKOUT”

Almost there….

  • At the checkout page you’ll need to enter the “Shipping address and Billing address (if different than shipping) confirm all the order details again, you can also calculate shipping options and fees on this page – don’t forget to provide your e-mail address and finally you can enter you payment credit card details then click on “SUBMIT ORDER”
  • Once you’ve submitted your order your confirmation page will appear – this page will have the order details and most important your Order Confirmation number. If no changes or corrections are needed then you are all set. Make sure to look for your e-mail confirmation receipt to the email address you provided.

If you’d like more information on ordering custom pens from PensXpress please give us a call or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.