Why Branded Products Are Great for Promotional Advertising

Branded Products Are Great for Promotional Advertising


Even in a digital age, tangible objects are still crucial for promotional advertising and brand awareness.

Branded products are a simple strategy but they go a very long way when it comes to advertising your business. In fact, 

  • 75% of people who receive a promotional product, report using it every day! 
  • 63% of Americans report giving a promotional product away after using it. 

That said, it's easy to see how promotional products can help spark word of mouth advertising. Useful promotional products are a little everyday reminder of your business through. 

Today, we will be discussing why, even in today's digital age, promotional products are extremely important for your business and your promotional advertising strategy.

Basic Types of Promotional Products

Don't let the phrase "promotional products" intimidate you. There is no need to have fancy giveaways. If fact, the simpler and more useful the product is, the better. You will want the product to be pertinent to the everyday life of you customer. 

Think about it: How many pens do you own that have a brand or a company name written on them?

Pens are easy to manufacture and extremely useful. They are perfect for promotional advertising. 

Tote bags are as well. With the environment in mind, people are beginning to shift more from plastic bags to fabric bags. As a result, companies have been following this trend by branding and distributing free bags to their customers. 

With a tote, your potential clients are carrying around with them your advertisement everywhere they go! 

3 Unique Promotional Products

Tech Products 

We live in a modern world. Customers are increasingly interested in the new, excited gadget to his the shelves. Promotional products are sometimes techy too.

Companies like CISCO are known for giving out interesting and techy promotional products, such as this tiny Bluetooth speaker.

While CISCO is a tech company, this technique can be used by others who are not in the tech industry. 

Take a simple iPhone case or branded headphones for example. These are products that customers use every day and probably wouldn't mind having an extra set of. 


Who doesn't love a thermos? To-go drinks are popular in the United States. The average person drinks about 3 cups of coffee a day! When it comes to what is holding their morning cup of Joe, most people aren't picky. That's where you come in.

A sleek mug or silver thermos with your logo on it is a simple, but great idea. 

This useful promotional item will be brought to work and might just start a conversation about your company with other co-workers in the office. 

Laptop Stickers  

Laptop stickers can be extremely effective and can be even more effective, depending on who are you marketing to. 

According to Odyssey.com, college students love laptop stickers. They are not the only ones! Laptop stickers are used by people in all generations.  

Like a phone, a laptop case is like a free billboard and nabbing a spot on someone's computer is a great promotional advertising strategy. 

Fun facts About Promotional Product Adverting

Now, it's time to hit you with some facts to prove just how effective promotional product advertising can be.

For example, a bag with a brand name on reaches as many as 6,000 faces in one day! 

Customers also report having good brand recognization after coming into contact with a promotional product. 89% of consumers can remember the brand name they saw on a promotional item in the last 2 years! 

What's more, even if they didn't have an affiliation with the company, 69% of people who pick up a promotional product, simply if they thought it would be useful. 

48% of consumers say they enjoy promotional products and wish they were given them more often! 

So, we say, give the people what they want! Advertise your business by giving away as many promotional products as possible. 

How Promotional Products Help with Brand Recognition

According to a study done in 2012 by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), peoples' favorite promotional product were USB drives, pens, mugs, and electrical items. 

Among the 15,000 people surveyed, mugs were reported to be the product that was kept the longest. 

Generally speaking, participants said they kept their products for at least a year and 30% of them said they kept some products for as many as 4 years! 

The being said, the longer a promotional product is in front of a set of eyes, the more likely this person will be to identify that brand or logo. A year or even 4 is a long time to establish and solidify this brand recognition. 

90% of people said that even when getting rid of a promotional item, after having it for a long period, it become hard to disassociate or forget from the brand or logo.

Changing Customers' Behaviors  

Surprisingly enough, something as simple as giving away a free promotional product, can be enough change your customer's view of your company or even change their buying habits. 

While promotional advertising through products helps with brand recognition, they can also serve as a great Call-To-Action.

For example, a "free gift with purchase" not only lures consumers to make a conversion. In addition, these free promotional gifts are kept and even regifted to others. Your brand spreads with little effort on your part. 

Whatever product you choose and whichever method you choose to practice, you are sure to grow your sales with your promotional products. 

In Conclusion 

Promotional advertising using products helps with your brand get in front of many eyes as possible. This technique has been incorporated into marketing strategies for many decades now. 

While we live in a digital age, there will always be certain products that people continue to use on a daily basis. 

Get creative and think about all your places where you can get your brand into your customers' lives. 

If you would like more info about promotional advertising or are looking for a company to create your promotional products and increase your sales, click here for more.

Happy advertising!