Why Writing with Pens Is Better Than Typing

If it's been a while since you've picked up a pen and composed a letter, journal entry or other piece, you may have forgotten how fun it can be to gather your thoughts on paper. And, since writing by hand takes more time than typing, pen users often choose their words with more care and precision. I know I do. 

Additionally, handwriting tops typing for the following reasons.

It's Educational for Kids

If you have young children, let them see you writing with a pen so they'll imitate you. Many experts on the human brain believe it's easier for children to remember letters when they routinely write them by hand, as opposed to just looking at them in books and on screens.

Moreover, pens allow children to exercise their creativity. When they use these implements, they can make their letters whatever size they'd like. They can doodle and write upside down, backwards and so on. This sort of playing around helps kids to grasp the vast possibilities and joys of language.

It Improves Note-taking

These days, of course, many high school and college students record notes on laptops and other electronic devices. Professionals who attend conferences and other business events often do likewise. If you're one of those people, you might want to rethink this practice.

Since handwriting requires more effort, people who take notes with pens tend to write down only the most pertinent details. Thus, they end up with study guides that are crisper, clearer and easier to review. Not to mention, with paper, you won't be tempted to check your email or various websites during meetings and classes.

Plus, when it's time to take a test or present the information you've heard, you'll probably remember more if you've taken down handwritten notes. You may even be able to picture in your mind certain words, phrases and sentences in your own penmanship.  

It Provides a Personal Connection

When you look at something that you've written by hand, you recognize it immediately, even if you wrote it years ago. I always feel a slight pride of ownership whenever I see one of my handwritten pages. Indeed, everyone's writing is unique, and yours might reveal a few of your personality traits.
In some cases, your emotions shine through your writing. For example, if you were jotting down a note when you were upset or angry, your letters might come out a little jagged or messy. On the other hand, if you were writing a love letter, your cursive might be fancier than usual.

Similarly, when you behold a handwritten note or a letter from a friend or family member, you might experience a warm sensation. I'd liken it to getting a hug. And, naturally, reading what a departed loved one wrote in ink can be a moving experience, one that summons powerful memories of that person.

In the end, writing with a pen is an intimate and enjoyable activity. In fact, I'd say that one of the great pleasures of life is taking a seat by a fire or curling up in bed with a notebook and letting your thoughts and feelings pour out. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are certainly wonders of our modern age, but you can't snuggle up with them in quite the same way.