Employee Presents: Why Personalized Pens are the Best Gift

"The pen is mightier than the sword" Edward George Bulwer Lytton.

"A pen connects you to the paper. It definitely matters" Elmore Leonard.

"The pen is an extension of the writer's hand and desire" Paulo Coelho.

Yes, these powerful quotes are each about the humble pen!

Having the right equipment at your fingertips can be the key to success. Choosing a pen for your colleagues or employees is one of the best gifts you can give.

It might seem like a practical, yet lame gift to give someone, like the gift of socks...

But if you spice it up by making it custom made, your workmates are going to love it!

Why does a personalized pen make one of the best gifts? Keep reading for plenty of reasons why!

One of the Best Gifts to Give

Firstly, why should you bother with giving gifts to your employees?

Whether its Christmas, someone's birthday or any various celebration, a gift might be required.

But the best gifts to give are the spontaneous ones. Giving your employees a gift for their good behavior or team effort is a great way to make them feel valued and respected in the workplace.

In fact, multiple research studies and surveys have shown that feeling appreciated is the key to employees being motivated to do their best.


Giving a pen is obviously a practical gift in the workplace. But if it's personalized it becomes one of a kind.

Engraving their name, job role or even one of their well-known expressions is a cool way to customize the pen.

Then the pen becomes more than just a pen, it becomes a memory.

It can also give a sense of self-worth.

Being in a big company, some employees may feel lost in the crowd. If their pen is personalized with their name, they will feel that they are valued as an individual, not just as part of the staff.

It also prevents anyone from stealing their pen at the office. We've all been there, someone asks to borrow your pen and never gives it back.

Having their name engraved is a fail-safe way to keep it secure on their desk!

Pen Styles

Personalising a pen isn't just about writing a logo or engraving a name. Choosing the right kind of pen to complement the person your buying it for is essential.

You need to make sure it fits their role. For example, buying a fancy fountain pen will be beautiful, but not practical for most office workers taking notes.

Take into consideration their age, personality, personal style and job role.

Here are some different styles of pens to choose from:

  • Metal laser engraved
    A metal look pen makes a strong, powerful statement, showing you mean business. This might be a good gift for those power driven employees.
  • Grip Pens
    A grip pen is great for those who write a lot. When comfort meets style. The grip is not only comfortable to write with, but it also gives the pen a top quality look.
  • Retractable
    A practical pen without the worry of a cap to lose. Yes, we all lose the cap eventually and when we do, it can cause issues. For example, we put our capless pen into our shirt pocket and are left with a stain. Retractable is a fail-safe option.
  • Stick Pens
    For the worker who is always on the run, a straight barrel pen is a simple choice. Stylish yet easy to grab on the go.
  • Gel Pens
    For your neat and conscientious workers, a gel pen is a good choice. It gives a smooth feel when writing, similar to a fountain pen, but without the mess!
  • LED pens
    A pen with an extra feature of an LED light is a useful tool for any of your employees. Especially for the computer department. They can spend hours tinkering the wires under dark desks, a handy torch would be a great tool to have on hand.
  • Stylus Pen
    In the digital age we live in, we constantly go back and forth from paper to digital. A stylus pen can be used both on the paper and on a touchscreen.

A Professional Look

When meeting clients, during conferences or in business meetings, a look of professionalism is important.

Digging an old, generic, ballpoint pen out of your briefcase isn't going to give the sophisticated impression you want.

But a personalized pen with your business name engraved will make your audience think "Wow, these guys know what they're doing!"

So its a win-win situation for both your employee and for you. It will give your employees confidence, so they can strike the deal. And its a form of advertising for you.


Yes, your gift can be dual purpose. It can be personalized to fit your employee, but can also be used for branding.

On the pen, you can feature your business name, logo, and contact information including your companies address.

Unlike other products, like business cards, mugs, and paperweights, a pen will be taken with them wherever they go.

When your employees are out and about and someone asks for a pen to borrow, low and behold there you are low-key advertising again!

That's a great way to promote your business.

A Unique Gift

Many have a variety of pens on their desk. They may even have a favorite.

But are any of them personalized? Probably not.

A customized pen is a unique gift to give. Something that they will treasure. Even if the ink eventually dries up, it's not something they will want to throw away.

When You've Found That "Write" Gift

As you can see, a personalized pen truly is one of the best gifts to give your employees.

This gift is unique, personal, practical and a great way for you to sneak in some advertising!

Are you convinced? Browse our store for some inspiration.

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