Branded Pens: The New Way to Advertise Your Business


Coming up with effective marketing strategies for a business is never easy. With the new age of the internet and digital marketing, some people have thrown old-school advertising strategies aside.

But there are many tried-and-true advertising methods that are still effective to this day. A branded pen is a great way to spread the word about your business.

Pens have always been one of the top promotional products because they are affordable to make and highly practical.

Read on for reasons why branded pens are a great product to invest in.

Cost Effective

You get great bang for your buck with pens. Pens are one of the least expensive promotional product and you can buy them in bulk, making them incredibly affordable.

The great thing about pens is that you can buy thousands of them at a low price and hand them out to everyone. Everyone needs a pen at some point, and you never know who might see your branding and need your services.

High Usability

Studies show that a pen is used on average 18.2 times per month. That makes it the most frequently used promotional item. Pens are used at home, at work, and often in everyday life.

So not only is a pen a highly practical product, your brand on a pen will get lots of great exposure. Numerous studies conducted have shown that a great majority of people keep the promotional pens they receive, using them in other parts of their lives. This is a great reason why branded pens are a great addition to your marketing strategy.

Like Business Cards - But Better

One of the best thing about branded pends is that it acts like a business card, but much better. Like a business card, you can place all your information on the pen. Your company name, logo, address, and contact information can all be printed on the pen.

All of this information turns a simple pen into a powerful marketing tool that prospective clients will carry around with them. Studies from the Promotional Products Association Internation (PPAI) show that one in two consumers said that they walk around with either wearing a promotional product or with a product such as a pen in their pockets.

Pens are Always Shared

Pens are also something that is passed around a lot, so by investing in branded pens, you are getting extra exposure for free. Imagine how many times a pen gets passed around? Often times, people will lend someone a pen and never get it back.

When is the last time you needed to write something down last minute or needed to take down notes while on the phone? Asking for something to write with is a common request that is used daily.

As these pens are passed around, your branding on the pen is also making its mark on all the people who use your promotional product. This is a great way to gain free exposure for your business.

Longer Shelf Life

Unlike many forms of advertising, pens can last for more than 6 months. This shelf life is important because it gives your brand great exposure for longer periods of time.

As mentioned above with pens being an incredibly shared item, it is vital that the pen retains its shelf life or else it loses its power if it is no longer usable.

Old School

There is something to be said for keeping it old school. If every other company is giving away the hottest new promotional item, it is hard for them to stand out.

Breaking free from the trend and sticking with a classic makes your business more memorable. Not only that, most people love receiving something that is practical and can be used again. Many trendy promotional items get discarded after the fad wears out.

Another reason why branded pens are a great marketing strategy for your business.

Everyone Loves Free Gifts

Numerous studies have been done that show the positive effects that free promotional items have on consumers. The same study from the PPAI shows that 8 in 10 consumers revealed that their impression of a brand positively changed after receiving a promotional product from that brand.

There is also a psychological reaction from a consumer receiving a free gift. Not only does it make them automatically feel a positive connection to your brand, receiving a free gift makes them want to reciprocate. This is how you can gain many new clients for your business.

Wide Range of Styles

The great thing about pens is they come in many different styles and colors. So not only can you customize your pens to suit your business's personality and style, you can even switch it up throughout the years since pens are so affordable.

Because of the variety of options, you can even invest in different styles at once so you have different options when passing out pens to different target groups. Making the prospective client feel special and different is just another way that may close the deal.

Ready to Invest in Branded Pens?

The power of promotional products is endless. So that is why you want to make sure you are choosing the best product for your business. Pens are a tried-and-true marketing strategy that has withstood the test of time.

Not only are they extremely affordable, they are also very effective. What more could you want? Business cards have become boring and predictable, pens are a great alternative to business cards. They are a much more fun and creative way to showcase your business's information.

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