Why Do Personalized Pens Make Such a Great Gift?


The personalized pen is always a crowd pleaser. There's something special about having your own pen, versus the one you accidentally stole from your bank or found in the communal office closet.

Personalized pens aren't the most widely received gift anymore, but that doesn't mean people aren't excited to get their own. In fact, upscale pen sales are on the rise--on a global level.

Stumped on what to give this holiday season? Here's a look at why you should consider giving away some of our personalized pens.

Personalized Pens are Sophisticated

Is there anything cooler than pulling out a pen with your personal details? Like watches, cufflinks, and matching your shoes to your handbag--a personalized pen is one of those small features that leave a lasting impression.

A custom pen not only provides a sense of preparedness and classic style, but it also signifies to others that you've got an air of authority. Doctors, lawyers, and prominent public figures--often need to sign documents and the right pen leaves a lasting impression.

For people who use pens for more than just signing a paper here and there--teachers, artists, students, designers, and often, professional writers--comfort and flow become more important than hunting down the fanciest pen on the market.

But, comfort and sophistication aren't mutually exclusive. For the heavier pen users on your list, look for options that come with a cushion, are lightweight, and easy to write with.

A Tangible Object in a Digital Age

We spend a lot of time writing things down with our computers and our phones these days, but there's something irreplaceable about a pen. For one, many people feel like putting their thoughts in pen and ink helps them think better--something that a computer screen just can't replicate.

That said, most of us don't have a pen with our name on it.

Why Personalized Pens?

Well, personalized pens are a great branding tool, to be sure. Making them great for business--increasing brand awareness, and keeping your solution top of mind for those writing with your pen long after that networking event has ended.

But, personalized gift items have a slightly different function. They let the recipient know that they are unique--a set of pens for their use only is pretty darn cool. Bonus points here if you're putting together a gift for someone with an unusual name rarely found in souvenir shops.

The other benefit of making things more personal is, it allows your connection to this individual to shine through. If its an employee, a friend, a relative, or whomever--chances are the person opening the gift will be thrilled to know that you went out of your way to have something customized.

This alone demonstrates that you set aside time to pick out the perfect gift--rather than shopping at random.

There's a Style Out There for Everyone

From ballpoints to opulent pens with old school inkwells, to gel pens and permanent markers, everyone has their preferred style. If you're giving a pen as a gift, it's important to understand who you are buying for.

A weighty pen might have a more secure feeling, offering greater control to the writer--a desirable quality to be sure, but if you're buying for someone with small hands, for example, it may be difficult for users with small hands to grasp onto.

Consider the person's style, too. A good example is buying personal pens that match the recipient's accessories. Think--handbags, shoes, their general color palette. Someone with a sincere love of prints and bright colors might gravitate toward pens with colored ink and a striking exterior.

On the flip side, your friend who prefers to wear all -black or a neutral color scheme isn't going to jump for joy at the sight of their customized set of pens in all colors of the rainbow.

Finally, if you're stuck on the question of the masculine pen versus the feminine--tread carefully. Your female friend or colleague may not appreciate an onslaught of pink or purple. Err on the side of neutrality unless the recipient is a noted lover of all things pink.

Types of Pens

Before you pick out a personalized pen for everyone on your guest list, it's important to know what you're getting into. Here is a look at a few different types of pens:

Fountain: A fountain pen comes with a refillable inkwell and a flexible nib. These pens can get rather expensive and require some upkeep and skill on the part of the owner. Fountain pens typically come with water-based ink, which may fade or smear.

Ballpoint: Ballpoint pens come with oil-based ink, and are generally water-resistant. This type comes with a fixed ball, which may limit some types of expression. Most people find that the standard ballpoint pen works well for taking notes, signing documents, and basic handwritten communication.

Rollerball: Rollerball pens are easy to use like their ballpoint counterparts, and provide a smooth, easy flow. Ink cartridges often run out more quickly than ballpoint pens.

In addition to choosing a type, you'll also want to determine whether the recipient prefers an understated engraving of their initials, their full name, or a thoughtful message.

Thinking Pens This Christmas? Browse Through Our Selection of Customizable Options

Whether you're in the market for a quality stocking stuffer or a way to tell your colleagues you appreciate them this holiday season, personalized pens are a great gift for everyone on your list.

Though underrated in this digital era, pens bring a sense of creativity to the table--inspiring writing, doodling, and more. No matter how high-tech the job at hand, everybody needs a pen to take notes.

At Pens Xpress, we've got pens for all occasions--branding for your business, or yourself and your loved ones. Take a peek at our selection and start crossing off those holiday season to-dos. In pen, of course.