5 Ways to Make Your Branded Products Stand Out

60% of consumers would rather buy products from a brand they know instead of switching to a new label.

This goes to show how powerful branded products can get once you establish yourself in the market. The only problem is that the market remains crowded with competition and other distractions.

How can you stand out from the sea of competitors? How do you make sure people remember your brand and the products or services you represent?

It all starts by dialing down on the extravagance.

Keep Designs Simple

Most, if not all, smartphone brands tend to focus on dashing colors like black, green, and blue. These are all dark colors that send out a message of formality, sleekness, and being cool.

So why is it so easy to identify an Apple iPhone box out of a shelf of smartphones?

The reason is that Apple keeps things simple and sticks to a plain white brand design philosophy. You can do the same. Instead of throwing every idea on the wall and using what sticks, focus on a minimal design that delivers a heavy impact.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Branded products and logos should use colors to their advantage. Don't stick every color available to your products and instead understand how people view colors in a marketing sense.

People, perhaps in an unconscious level, associate emotions with colors. As mentioned, people think of formality when they see black. Yellow can represent warmth and joy, red can symbolize boldness and aggression, and green can stand for health and growth.

Show Yourself

Want to really stand out? Don't be shy to use social media platforms. Instagram now has over 800 million users and Facebook has over 2 billion active accounts. Those two alone are giant platforms for you to showcase your product in action.

Branded Products Embody a Personal Message

Keep in mind that branded products carry your company's message. Whether you offer branded pens or shirts, the moment you slap your logo or slogan there it means that the product represents your company's ideals, vision, and mission.

Think about it: if you bought a pair of branded headphones and they broke the next day, your immediate action would be to blame the brand behind the product. You might assume that they don't value quality assurance.

To stand out from the crowd, make sure that your message is loud and clear. Let your product showcase what your company wants to achieve, right from the get-go.

Don't Shove It In Their Faces

One thing you do have to remember is that you shouldn't spam your branded item in their faces all the time. Don't post the same video ad or picture every other chance you get.

Find the right level of engagement with your consumers. Showcase your products to build your brand but at the same time don't annoy them. Otherwise, they might start blocking or ignoring your ads instead of sharing them.

Build Your Brand Starting Today

Following these tips will help your branded products stand out from the competition.

If you haven't started yet building your brand, you can start with a small and inexpensive strategy. It's never too late to build your company's brand.

Personalized pens are a great way to get your brand out there. You can share pens without them getting in the way, they're simple, and you can still play with colors to get the right message out there.