Use a Promotional Pen to Drive More Business and Sales

Companies all across the country are trying to find stronger marketing efforts. As more people seek to take the reigns on their own business and others are building intense campaigns on social media to attract customers, corporations recognize the competition that exists. Venturing into different channels, such as pens for promotional purposes, helps to reach out to the audience.

The Power of Pens

When people think about promotional items, they often envision a box at home that is filled with things they will never use. A pen is different though. No matter who you are, you probably pick up a pen to jot something down at least a couple of times today. When you give pens to the members of your target audience, you are essentially providing them with a little advertisement every time they take this writing utensil out. The pen can also act as a marketing campaign with your logo and slogan on it.

Pen-Related Businesses

You can even further the power of the pen when your company relates to the topic of writing. For example, you might be the owner of a tutoring company. You can use the pen to not only advertise your business, but to promote strong study skills as well. On the other hand, you might offer graphic design services. You can use the pen to display creative skills in your logo, but you can also come up with some witty wording to let individuals know that you'll be employing the techniques of various creative mediums.

Let the Pens Further the Promotion

Using these pens to advertise your business is an excellent idea, but you can also help them get people back into the store. Let's return to that example of the tutoring center. Let potential clients know that if they bring the pen in with them for the first session, they will receive a certain percentage off of the tutoring for that day. You could also include a note for a discount on the pen, and when people come back into the store, they can receive a certain amount of money off of their purchase.

When it comes to promoting your products, and doing so with other types of products themselves, you do need to get a little bit creative. Think of how a pen connects to the heart of your business, and let the ideas start to flow from there.