What's the Best Slogan for Your Marketing Pens?

Think about some of today's most popular brands.

Surely you've heard Allstate's, "you're in good hands," commercial. Chances are you know the company that claims its, "the ultimate driving machine." And you definitely know the value behind, "just do it."

While logos are visual representations of a company, a slogan adds even more value. Your company's slogan will be the second most memorable part of its branding.

But what makes a great slogan? How can you put your company's mission, uniqueness, and goals into a few words?

Creating a slogan benefits your company's brand and boosts marketing effectiveness.

Slogans can be printed on shirts, coasters, and even marketing pens. These small items can make a huge impact for business recognition.

Ready to create a catchy slogan for your company? If so, keep reading!

These 8 tips make creating a slogan much easier.

1. Know Your Company's Brand

Before you can create a slogan, your company's brand must be solidified.

Branding is more than just a logo and business colors. Your company's brand exhibits its missions and values. It also shows what your business is about and why your company is unique.

The slogan you create must be catchy, but it must also be meaningful. Take time to completely build out your company's brand before moving to the small details.

2. Use the Logo

Your company's logo and slogan go hand-in-hand.

Without a logo, creating a slogan is a shot in the dark. The two pieces should integrate, as they're often printed together.

Creating a slogan after a logo also helps to ensure consistency. Company message and tone are important when writing a slogan.

3. Keep it Short

Slogans aren't meant to be full sentences. In fact, your slogan should be no longer than 10 words.

Customers are less likely to remember a long slogan. We remember "just do it" or "mmm mmm good" because the slogans are short and sweet.

Shorter slogans also make printing marketing items much easier.

Can you imagine putting an overly long slogan on marketing pens? You may run out of space! Or even worse, the slogan text may be too small to read.

When it comes to slogans, embrace brevity.

4. Honesty is the Best Policy

Marketing involves talking up your business truthfully.

Your company's slogan shouldn't make a promise that your company can't deliver. Avoid words that cannot be substantiated.

When creating a slogan, stay away from phrases such as:

  • The best
  • #1 at what we do
  • Industry leader

While these phrases give your company an authoritative edge, it can be hard to prove they are true.

5. Embrace Personality

A company's slogan should display its personality. A slogan is what your company would say if it could talk.

Slogans need to show your company's commitment. They should also portray company values and uniqueness.

If possible, use humor in your slogan!

Consumers always value when companies can make them chuckle. When using humor, ensure its right for your industry. A humorous slogan may work for whimsical products but not for medical services.

6. Consider Your Target Market

As with any form of marketing, knowing your target market is important.

Are your customers local or national? Will your slogan translate well to an international audience?

If your target market is confined to a local area, you can get away with using localized-phrases and words. But, if you want to grow your company internationally, you must choose words wisely.

Customers need to understand and connect to the slogan.

7. Focus on Timeliness

As time passes, all companies will consider changing their branding to meet new expectations. But, creating new company branding every few years impacts consumer recognition.

When creating a slogan, keep longevity in mind. The slogan you choose needs to be one that makes sense now and 5 years in the future.

Use words that are no match for the test of time.

8. Highlight a Benefit

The purpose of a slogan is to differentiate your company from its competitors. Be sure that the slogan you choose highlights a benefit of choosing your brand.

Do you produce a unique product? Are your services available around the clock, unlike your competitors?

Whatever makes your company different, embrace it and make it known!

9. Say it Out Loud

Reading a slogan on paper is much different from hearing it. Before choosing a slogan, say it out loud.

Do the words flow nicely? Do the words make sense? Are you using active vs. passive voice?

Word pattern and even rhyming can make a slogan even more catchy. Embrace onomatopoeia like McDonald's!

The right slogan can become an earworm for consumers. This catchier your slogan is, the more likely customers are to remember it.

10. Ask for Input

Being creative isn't something that comes naturally to all of us. Online you'll find various websites to help with slogan creation, including:

Would you rather use the creative brainpower of others?

If you lack a marketing team or want outside input, embrace your customer base! Getting your customers involved is a fun way to get external opinions while subtly marketing your company.

To garner input, host a contest on Twitter. Create a company hashtag and ask users to take part.

To entice participation, offer a prize for the contest winner. Send them a coupon or a fan pack full of products, such as marketing pens and a t-shirt.

Marketing Pens to Boost Brand Recognition

If you're a start-up company, you may not have the cash flow or knowledge to run a marketing campaign. But, in order for your company to grow, advertising is a must.

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