New Year, New Marketing: Everything You Need to Know About Using Promotional Marketing Products in 2019

73 percent of people use at least one promotional product per week. And, 85 percent of those people can recall the brand of the product they used.

If you aren't using promotional products to meet your business goals, you should be.

You can improve your brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. The right products given to the right people can result in more growth. But, you have to know which products to use and how to use them well.

Your business can skyrocket its sales and conversions by using promotional marketing. Keep reading for seven things you need to know about creating promotional products.  

Decide Your Purpose for the Product

Every marketing strategy has a goal. What is your mission for this product campaign?

You could be trying to spread brand awareness or generate leads. Or, reach a new demographic of consumers and expand. Another common goal is to increase social media followings.

The purpose of your campaign sets you in the right direction from the start. If you're trying to spread awareness, you're going to focus on producing a large volume of products. These will need to be light and affordable so you can reach more people.

If you want to target a new demographic, you need to create a product specific to them. You may want to invest more money in making these products high quality. First impressions are important.

Decide what the goal of this campaign is before you choose a product.

Understand Your Customers

Now that you know your goal, who are the consumers that will help you meet it? You can't target everyone on the planet; you must narrow down your ideal customer.

Is your target customer someone who works from an office or from home? Do they have children? Are you targeting other businesses?

Learn everything you can about your target consumer. Understand how they use promotional products; which ones do they tend to throw away? You want your promotional marketing to provide value and function.

Include a Call to Action

No matter what type of product you give out, you need to include a call to action with it.

Here's an example. You hand out your logo-printed mousepad to a person walking by at a trade show. They take the mousepad home; maybe they use it maybe they don't.

You can be sure that they stop thinking about your brand once they decide to throw it out.

Instead, include a call to action with the mousepad. Create a clear and witty card to go with every product. Besides explaining how your business can help them, tell them what to do next.

It might say to follow you on social media or check out your website. It could have a discount code for your online store. Or, it could include a contact number for them to get a free consultation.

Whatever you do, don't hand out promotional products without asking for something in return. Call to actions are the crux of marketing materials.

Basics or Out of the Box?

Ready to choose the perfect product for your campaign? You have a ton of choices.

The basic promotional materials are pens, mousepads, magnets, etc. These tried and true products prove to be successful for certain campaigns.

But, you may want to consider stepping out of the box. Some target customers appreciate uniqueness. Think about sports equipment, skin care products, and electronics.

Try Environmental Targeting

Think about the environment your target consumer spends most of their time. Are they sitting at their desk in an office? Or are they in their kitchens at home?

Environmental targeting is when you choose products that fit into your customers' environment.

For example, if your target is tech companies, use mousepads and electronic items. Phone chargers, USBs, and pop sockets are great for this demographic.

If your target is stay-at-home parents, choose products that are useful at home. Kitchen utensils, swim towels, and reusable bags are great.

You need to get into the minds and spaces of your target customers. Then, you can decide which products they'll use and which they'll throw out.   

Give Them Options

When you go to a promotional event, there might be a wide array of customers.

Although you've done the research to choose the right product, we like options. People have preferences, and they may have a hundred promo magnets at home already.

Brainstorm a handful of promotional products that work for your goals and customers. Then, you can give them the option to choose which product they want most.

Plus, in the time they take to choose a product, you have an opportunity to make a connection. Promotional products shouldn't get handed out without an interaction. It could be a smile and a greeting, or it could be a friendly sales pitch.

Solve a Problem and Personalize 

In some workplaces, certain items are always getting lost or stolen. Office environments almost always need more office supplies and stationery.

For restaurants, pens are like currency. Servers are always losing their pens or stealing them from each other.

Capitalize on this need by creating promo products that solve a problem. If your customers are restaurant owners, create pens with their logo and yours.

If you're creating office supplies for promotion, include the office's logo and yours as well. In some cases, you could even brand products with the name of the user.

When our name is on a product, we're less likely to throw it out.

Ready to Get Your Promotional Marketing Materials?

The right products for the right people can create immense growth for your business.  They key is knowing what your target customers want. And, creating products that serve their needs and wants.

For some campaigns, magnets and mousepads are great. For others, footballs, frisbees, and balls work better.

Use the tips above to choose the best promotional marketing materials for your goals. If you're looking for high-quality pens for promotion, check out the latest styles of pens. Don't hesitate to order samples to make sure your products are perfect!