The Impact Free Promotional Items Have on Your Business Growth

Did you know that 8 out of 10 businesses fail in their first year of operation? For entrepreneurs and small business owners, there is no time to waste when it comes to revenue growth.

Unless you can distinguish yourself from the competition there's a chance you won't see year 2. Unfortunately, the balance between servicing existing clients and getting new ones can be difficult.

For established businesses, the issues are as complex. Digital marketing has leveled the playing field but many companies are following the crowd.

Free promotional items are a way to break out of the mold. They are unique and deliver a great return.

Here's how promotional marketing can help your business:

1. Stand Out From Digital

Business owners are inundated by marketing expertise on digital solutions. Social media, SEO, content creation, and email blasts remain great ways to reach new and current clients.

You shouldn't ignore traditional marketing avenues, however. In fact, the best promotional items can offer things digital can't.

You aren't just making a digital impression on clients with free promos. You are standing out.

2. A Big Return

Every move you make in marketing has to bring a return. There is no time to waste on reputation building in the digital economy.

One of the biggest returns comes from promotional items. It's like your potential customers are bringing your billboard home with them.

There is no continuing spend on advertising or airtime.

3. Customer Retention

Are you spending money on marketing to new potential clients? Are you spending money on existing client retention?

Why not invest in both at the same time? The best promotional items will help spread the word about your goods and services.

4. Beyond Your Clients

The purpose of targeted ads is to reach your intended audience. But promotional giveaways fulfill a number of purposes at the same time.

You will gather interest in your product or services. You will also build existing client relationships.

But what about the coworkers, family members, and friends who get ahold of your promo items? Your impact can be exponential when one of your items resides in an office.

5. Free Promotional Items Build Your Brand

Associate your business with value. But like every other part of your marketing campaigns, it's important to stay true to your brand.

The promo items you select should be memorable, durable, and keepsakes. Unlike junk mail or fleeting digital ads, they will continue to build your brand.

The Best Marketing Giveaways

The best promotional items are memorable and remain true to your brand. Business owners looking for the best return on free promotional items have found that pens work to build and retain their business.

Because pens are useful they are less likely to get tossed aside like junk mail. Plus, in terms of branding, you are presenting messaging to your current and potential clients every time the pick up your pens.

You and your services are memorable and useful. Make sure you are using pens that present your company in the best light.

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