Marketing Items for Small Business: Why You Need Them

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Human resources manager, bookkeeper, marketing guru, customer support representative, IT tech, and maybe even janitor -- you do it all!

Some of these roles are easier than others, of course. When you use marketing items for small businesses, the job of promoting your company gets a heck of a lot easier Read on to learn how small promotional items can make a big impact.

Why Use Marketing Items for Small Business Promotion?

Before we discuss the types of promotional items that are universally popular with potential customers, let's take a look at the benefits of these giveaways.

  • Increase Brand Recognition. Your logo, name, and color scheme splashed across a variety of products will help get the word out about a new company, or keep an established one top-of-mind for customers.
  • Fantastic ROI. Using promotional items to market your business is relatively inexpensive, but gives you great bang for your buck.
  • Create Positive Associations. The more useful an item, the better it is at promoting your company. When people use your freebies, they unconsciously think of -- and think positively of -- your company.
  • Better Than a Business Card. The days of boring old business cards are gone, and for good reason. Once a client puts away that card, chances they'll ever take it out again are slim to none. A handy promotional item gets used over and over again.

What Types of Marketing Items Are Best?

This largely depends on the nature of your business. A liquor store might want to give away bottle openers, while a sewing machine retailer could hand out measuring tapes. Mechanics might use key fobs as marketing items.

One good way to make sure your business stands out in a sea of freebies? Offer something unusual but still useful. Lip balm sticks fall into this category, as do frisbees, bottles of hot sauce, cell phone stands, and travel pillows.

Of course, there are also some perennial favorites. These are items that nearly everyone uses, and as such will always work well for promotional purposes. Think coffee mugs, reusable water bottles, refrigerator magnets, calendars, pads of sticky notes, tote bags, baseball caps, and t-shirts.

Pens Are the Promotional Gold Standard

Last but definitely not least? Pens. A pen is always handy to have, you can never really have too many of them, and when they are printed with your company's information, they're bound to have an impact.

Pens are pretty much the perfect marketing items for small businesses. There are also a wide range of styles and price points. You can never go wrong with the traditional retractable ballpoint or a smooth-writing gel pen.

Need something even more memorable? Pens with a built-in stylus that can be used on a touchscreen as easily on a piece of paper fit the bill. Or opt for pens which come with built-in LED lights, which are handy for giving presentations or for finding your keys in the dark.

Ready To Choose Promotional Pens?

Pens are the perfect marketing items for small business promotion. Keep a supply of them on hand for trade shows, conferences, client meetings, and employees!

Whether you need 25 pens or 2,500, we can provide them. Ask about our custom engraved pens, or simply contact us to discuss your promotional needs. We'll be happy to walk you through the process!