How to Market Your Church With Promotional Products: A Complete Guide

Are you asking yourself how to market your church?

Churches are faced with the challenges of getting more people to become involved in the congregation. Marketing is important, yet many churches don't have a huge budget to pay for advertising.

In fact, 80% of churches spend less than $10,000 a year on advertising.

That's why promotional products can be effective, especially when used with other forms of marketing such as a website.

If you're interested in learning more about marketing your church, keep reading to learn how you can spread the message of God with promotional products.

Choose the Right Promotional Products

Marketing starts with the person receiving the message.

In order to reach them and create can strong promotional products campaign, you need to know more about the people you're reaching.

It's common for people to think that products will just get thrown away, and there are ways to avoid that if you think ahead.

Ask yourself the following question:

What kind of products will they find useful?

Products such as pens, calendars, notepads, shirts, and bags are widely used and would make great options.

Create a Timeless Message

People hang on to promotional products for years. That means that your message could get seen over and over again. Do you want them to just know your name and website or do you want to add a deeper message?

For example, you can have a simple message on your pen that has your church name and website. On bags or calendars, you can have different verses from Scripture.

When you create your message, think about what kind of connection you want people to have with your church.

Use Promotional Products with Other Marketing

Churches have found that their website and social media accounts are very effective in reaching potential congregants.

Promotional products can work very well with your online activities.

Imagine that one of your congregants has a pen. Her colleague asked to borrow a pen and she was handed a pen with your church name and information.

She kept the website in mind and decided to look up your church online. She was able to get a sense of what the church offered and got insight into the community. She heard a sermon on the website and like what she heard.

She's looking for a church home and decided to visit.

That type of scenario is how promotional marketing works.

You can also create a social media campaign where you give away promotional products to your most engaged users for additional buzz.

How to Market Your Church

Figuring out the best ways how to market your church can be overwhelming. There are so many options and with a small budget, you may feel like there are no options available.

Promotional products provide an effective way to market your church and they can serve as a form of evangelism, too.

If you need help putting together a promotional product campaign, we can help. We offer pens of all styles and features that your congregation will love.

Contact us today to place your order and get ideas on other promotional products.