Why Churches Should Make Personalized Stick Pens This Easter

Whether you're an environmentalist or just a frugal person, it might alarm you to find out that we lose 1.6 billion pens every year. While this might be surprising in the digital era, it also means that we're constantly in search of another pen, given we likely lost the last one. This is at least one significant reason why your church should invest in some special custom church pens this year.

Promoting your church is always an excellent way to grow your congregation and spread the message of love your church is based on. Having one of these pens in their pocket or seeing it on their desk can remind parishioners to pray for loved ones.

No matter what your motivation is, promoting your church with church pens is a smart and inexpensive way to get the word out, in fact here are three reasons you should get some custom pens made.

1. Practical

As mentioned, there seems to be no end to the need for a good pen. We're constantly in need of pens at home, work, and even in the car. When an idea strikes or a question comes up, having a pen can help solve that problem.

For your fellowship, they will always need pens to underline scripture, take notes, or fill out donation envelopes. There's always a reason to have a pen on hand.

2. Inexpensive

Stick pens are a simple and affordable way for your church to give Easter guests something to remember the day. Handing out pens to every visitor to your church won't break the bank, and it'll still serve a purpose.

Even an inexpensive pen serves the purpose when needed. No one has ever refused to use a pen because it was inexpensive. When a pen is necessary, any old pen will do.

3. Spread The Word

The most important reason to have pens made is so that you have something to hand out to people who you meet on the street or at events. If you meet someone who is looking for a new church, give them your pen with the name and address of the church written on it, and you could make a new friend.

Pens are a great way to remind people to come to join your congregation. Let the pen serve them as they will then serve others through the work your church does.

Church Pens Make Perfect Sense

Since your office always needs pens as supplies, there's no way that church pens are a terrible investment. Every pen that doesn't get handed out can be used by your staff to get important work done. Send them along with any mail that you send out to make a compelling connection.

At PensXpress, we strive to provide the best promotional pens. The pens come in different styles with distinct features to suit your needs. Bear in mind we offer free shipping on orders that exceed $99.

If you're interested in other kinds of practical and cost-effective promotional products you could offer your visitors, contact us for ideas.