What Is the Future of Pens?

The paperless office remains a myth despite decades of predictions. The truth is that paper is an inexpensive and convenient way to store information.

As long as that remains true, there is a future for pens.

Pens aren't simply functional. You can get customized pens commemorate events or for personal use. Plus, pens aren't immune to the march of technology.

What is the future of pens? Read on to find out!

Smart Pens

In the near future, smart pens are the big news. Those are the sophisticated pens that fuse computer tech with your writing implements. A few of the features currently in smart pens include:

  • Syncing with an app or computer
  • Transcription of handwritten notes to digital text
  • Search of synced handwritten notes

Some other features available now or expected soon are voice syncing, digital sketching, file storage, and USB-connectivity.

What these pens really offer is a bridge between the tactile experience of writing and the convenience of computers.

Personalized Gifts

Ever given a safe gift? You know the kind we're talking about. These are the sort of gift that gets you a token smile and lets you check the box.

No matter how far into the future we get, personalized gifts like customized pens will always work.

For starters, the person's name is on it and most people like that. It also means friends and coworkers won't walk away with it.

You can even take it up a level and tailor the pen to how the person will use it. Know they take a lot of notes, opt for grip or gel pens. Stick with metal or fountain pens for the person who only used it to sign paperwork.

3D Pens

3D pens take the pen experience in a whole new direction. Think of them as the middle ground between 3D printers and writing implements.

Instead of rolling out ink, the pen extrudes melted plastic. You draw simple shapes or figures with the pen. The fast-cooling plastic solidified into the shape you drew.

The complexity of the 3D shapes depends on your skill, but even kids can manage stick figures. You should, of course, supervise kids using a 3D pen.

Some of these pens even allow for true three-dimensional drawing. You can lift the pen straight up and get a line of plastic straight up off the table.

We're not saying you should use it for building a scale model sea monster, but you definitely can!

Parting Thoughts

The future of pens is pretty bright.

Smart pens bridge the gap between the technology everyone relies on and the tactile writing experience. As they add functions, that gap will grow smaller and smaller.

Customized pens make great personalized gifts and likely will long into the future.

3D pens put the magic of 3D printers right into your hand. You can teach kids about shapes or let your own imagination go wild.

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