How to Design a Logo to Place on Promotional Products

Brand recognition is an essential aspect of improving business and spreading the reaches of your companies influence. People don't often take the time to research every detail, test every product, or consider the fine details of a company.

Usually, the reason that a customer chooses a product or remembers a brand is the fact that they remember the logo. Logos are extremely important, but with each brand having one and doing their best to stand out, how can you create a logo that sticks out above the rest?

Here are a few tips on how to craft a successful stylized logo.

The Basics of a Stylized Logo

There are a few general steps that you can follow when brainstorming an eye-catching logo, but before you do that you should know the general idea behind why people are attracted to certain brands.

How Logos Operate

People have bought thousands of the same product. Almost every single item they buy could be bought in any other store, from any other company, for any other price. With so much variety of choice, why do people choose the things they do?

It all comes down to identity. Sure, products are useful and necessary, but the choice of which company comes down to the fact that people want to boost the products that say something about their identity.

Consider who your primary demographic is, and think about the other products that they buy. After looking at the logos of top choices in your demographic, identify similarities, and try to understand what those brands say about identity that your brand should also say.

How to Design Your Logo

Here are a few general steps to follow when brainstorming your logo.

Who Are You?

What is your brand, and what do you stand for? Think about your ideas, values, and vision. When you think of these things, what colors, images, and typefaces come to mind?

If you're an extremely light and fun company, you wouldn't want to have a black and gray color scheme with simple Times New Roman font. Use your company's core characteristics to flesh out the tone of your logo.

Do You Have a Slogan?

What are some words that express the most about your company? You can certainly have a logo without any text, but the most memorable logos have at least the company name, and often times a slogan that sticks in the customer's mind.

Flesh out some possible slogans, or consider having a simple logo without text, like Twitter or Shell.


Do you want an animal in your logo, or do you want something more simplistic? Consider an abstract logo that somehow expresses your company's meaning without a clear image.

It may be helpful to look at the imagery used in the logos of similar brands. Do this, and you should be on your way to having a successful, relevant logo!

Steep Yourself in Improvement

A stylized logo is important, but it needs to stand for a company that is worth supporting. Make sure to diversify your marketing interests and learn how to promote your brand once the logo is complete.

If you're looking for ways to get your brand's logo out there, there are a lot of effective methods that you might not normally think of.