How to Commemorate Your Special Occasions: Why You Need Swag

You've spent months putting together the perfect special occasion. 

You've hired the right caterer, you found a band and a venue that you love, and you've even finalized the seating chart. 

But whether you're throwing a wedding, a fundraiser for a nonprofit, hosting a family reunion, or putting together a special corporate event, there's just one detail you still need to get right: the favors. 

Swag is the right way to ensure that you promote your nonprofit or business, make people feel connected to each other, and show your appreciation to your guests. 

Still not sure why it matters? Then read on. 

In this post, we'll not only tell you why you need swag. Will also fill you in on, whether for a business or personal special occasion, a personalized pen is the right way to go.

1. It Increases Brand Recognition 

Maybe you just started a new business, and want to find a way to get the word out about how awesome your company is. 

Of course, the people that you want to tell more than anyone else are those who are closest to you. Bringing a few branded pens to a family reunion, a wedding or another special occasion helps make sure they remember your company. 

Perhaps you're a younger nonprofit, and you're still working on developing that all-important list of donors. You want to host a barbecue, a dance night -- whatever event fits the bill -- to spread the word about the good you do. 

However, you want to ensure that people remember your nonprofit after the event ends. You can use the right promotional items and swag to help you increase your brand recognition

Taking the time to create swag for special occasions can make that happen. We suggest choosing a pen in your company colors, or even printing your logo and contact information on the pen itself. 

That way, when people see your brand name online, on an ad, or anywhere else? 

They'll instantly recognize you.

2. It Helps You Show Your Appreciation

It can sometimes be so tough to find the right way to express your gratitude

Maybe you want to find a way to thank your most valuable customers for another year of doing business with you. 

Perhaps you're looking for the perfect way to say "thank you" to your bridesmaids who came from out of town to make your big day complete. 

Maybe you just want to prove to members of your congregation how much the church community means to you. 

Whatever the case, giving out pens for special occasions is the perfect way for you to show people how much they mean to you. Plus, if you opt for a personalized pen, you can take that gratitude to the next level. You'll give them an object they'll treasure -- and they'll feel appreciated because of your gesture. 

After all, gift cards or percentages off a future purchase can feel a touch impersonal. 

Pens are a better way to thank the people that you care about the most. Plus, who knows? Maybe the recipients will even use them to write a few thank you notes of their own one day. 

3. It's Cost-Effective

No matter the size of your nonprofit or the thickness of your wallet, we know that you're always looking for more ways to save. 

Pen swag can pack a serious punch when it comes to recognition and appreciation. However, it can also do it without burning a giant hole in your wallet. Plus, unlike so many other items in swag bags, pens are actually useful. 

Be honest. 

How many different promotional or personalized items do you have sitting around your house collecting dust? How many more of them have you tossed in the trash the moment you got home from an event? 

If you're looking to make a major impact on a budget, you truly can't go wrong with personalized pens. 

This is especially true if you're looking to market your business or nonprofit. Pens are much more affordable than traditional marketing tactics. Plus, they also make for an affordable holiday gift for your most important clients

4. It Makes for Great Photos

You don't just need awesome pen swag to help you promote your business at an event or remind people how much you care about them. 

They can also make for some pretty epic photo props! 

If you're hosting a nonprofit, take pictures of guests signing donation checks using your pens.

Make sure you put the photos up on your website afterwards, so that guests can share them on their own social media accounts. The pens are a great way to spread the word about your company. After all, your attendees' friends and followers on social media will get a glimpse of your brand's name in the pics.

Maybe you want to take a picture of your guests signing the guestbook at your wedding using one of your personalized pens. 

We also love the idea of having everyone in your bridal party use the pens to write a special note while you all get ready for the ceremony together. Ask your photographer to take photos of your bridesmaids writing their notes, or to snap a picture of the pens and notes sitting on a table before you read them. 

If you're hosting a family reunion, we think that a picture of everyone holding up their pen is an awesome way to commemorate the occasion. These reunions are all about coming together. When everyone has the same item, it helps you all to feel more connected. 

5. It's a Way to Remember the Event

Are you setting up a booth at the most important trade show of the year? 

On the hunt for the right affordable wedding favors (that won't break the budget?) 

Looking for something to stuff in your school's end-of-year goodie bags, or a tiny gift to give donors at your next nonprofit fundraiser? 

We know that you've put a lot of work into creating the perfect event -- whether it's for friends, family members, people in your community, or business professionals. You want to be sure that those who attended it remember it for a long time after it's over. 

Giving pen swag bags can help to make that happen.

Every time one of your wedding guests uses a pen, they'll remember how stunning you looked in your dress (and how much you all had on the dance floor.) When one of the people you connected with at a trade show uses your pen to jot down a few notes at their next meeting? They'll remember that they've been meaning to give you a call to work out a deal. 

When someone pulls your nonprofit's pen out of their purse to jot down a quick grocery list? They'll think of the delicious food you served at your fundraiser -- and remember to make a donation at the holidays. 

There are so many different reasons why you need swag. However, working to preserve the memory of a special occasion might just be the most important one of all. 

6. You Can Use Them in a Game

Whether you have a competitive spirit or just like to have fun, no family reunion or other special occasion is complete without a game or two.

Looking for the perfect accessory to keep score with?

Why not use a personalized pen to make it happen?

Games are an especially great way to help family members that haven't spent much time together get to know each other. We suggest writing up a few icebreaker questions, and then leaving them in a glass jar in the middle of a table. 

Your family members can sit down, and ask them to each other. Everyone writes down their answer and puts it back in the jar. Then, someone reads them out loud, and everyone will have to guess who wrote it. This is a fun, low-key way to get things moving. 

Why You Need Swag: Wrapping Things Up

No matter what kind of event you're planning on having, we hope this post has convinced you of why you need swag. 

Of course, whether you're looking to make a good impression at a trade show, or if you just want to nail your wedding favor swag bag, the quality of pens makes all the difference. 

You want to have as many options as possible, so you can pick the right pens. 

That's where we come in. 

Check out our incredible options, and pick the pen that's right for you. 

We can't wait to help you take your event to the next level.