A Gift to Remember: 10 Client Gift Ideas They'll Remember This Holiday

As the holiday season approaches, you will naturally start thinking about client gift ideas.

Yet, you shouldn't give lavish and extravagant gifts. In fact, experts suggest you spend no more than 1.5% of your income on holiday spending, which includes employee and client gifts, parties, and so on.

Read on for 10 ideas for business gifts for clients that they'll remember this holiday season.

1. A Twist on Traditional Gift Baskets

The go-to gift when you don't know what to get someone is a gift basket. But an assortment of cheese, dried meats, and crackers in cellophane can get boring.

Instead, surprise your clients with a professional gift that isn't boring. A gift basket themed "date night in" could include gourmet ingredients for making a delicious risotto at home, a bottle of wine, some after-dinner chocolates and bubble bath.

Or, make it a family-friendly gift basket with bags of popcorn, various card and board games like dominos, Uno, and connect 4. You could even throw in a gift card to the Cineplex store so they can rent or buy a family movie. Add in some candy and other treats and you'll give the perfect Christmas gifts for clients with families.

If you want to send a gift basket to the whole office, why not send an edible arrangement that they can snack on during the day? No one will say no to delicious fruit artfully displayed.

Other ideas for gift baskets could be chocolate lovers, tea lovers, foodie, and handyman-themed gift baskets. The options are endless when you create a personalized gift basket. And it's something they will remember all year long.

2. A Personalized Pen Set

An engraved pen in a stylish case is one of the best client gift ideas for this Christmas.

Personalized pens make a great gift for various reasons. One of them is that personalized pens are less likely to go with someone else into his or her office. Or if they do, they'll make their way back to your office.

A pen is useful, practical, professional and when engraved, personable. It works well for clients in any industry. They will remember your gift all year long because they will look at your gift every day!

3. An Experience

If you want to give business gifts to clients that they will never forget - consider gifting an experience.

Tickets to a show, game, concert are just the beginning. You could do a dinner cruise, a pottery or glass-blowing class, or even a hot-air balloon ride.

Experience gifts are ideal because your clients will be able to share the experience with a family member or friend.

Experience client gifts are great ideas for minimalist organizations that aren't big on stuff. It's also a thoughtful and personal gift that your clients will enjoy using.

4. A Donation to Their Chosen Cause

Christmas is a wonderful time to spread joy and kindness and a great season to make a difference. A charitable donation is a great client gift idea.

If you know what type of causes or charity your client is passionate about, great! Make a donation in their name and send them word in a handwritten note.

But, if you don't know what their preferred charity is, choose a Kiva gift card so they can choose a cause they care about. Kiva empowers regular people to alleviate poverty by lending to entrepreneurs around the world.

A gift card allows your clients to choose to give their loan to one of the hundreds of options available. After a set period of time, the borrower will repay the loan and your client can re-loan the money out to another borrower.

It's the gift that keeps on giving! Best of all, your clients will choose a cause that they personally relate to. Whether it's textile workers in Guatemala or to help a business owner buy a head of cattle in Egypt.

Kiva is an organization that lets regular people give loans that change lives. This is a gift that you and your clients will both feel good about.

5. Surprise Bakery Delivery

Who wouldn't love a morning surprise of freshly baked goods delivered to their breakroom?

Local pastries, muffins, and doughnuts delivered one random Wednesday this holiday season will be a welcome and well-received client gift for the entire team.

6. Digital Picture Frame

What's the one thing everyone has on their desk at work? A picture of his or her family.

A digital picture frame is one of those client gifts that is used to be used either at home or in the office.

7. Portable Phone Charger

There's nothing quite so panic-inducing as a phone on low battery and no place to charge it. A portable phone charger is a professional gift that will get a lot of use.

Keep your business in their mind by adding your company name and logo to the charger.

8. A Terrarium

Though there may be the one office worker that has a green thumb and manages to keep an office plant alive, the rest of the team probably doesn't want to bother with the hassle.

A terrarium is different because it won't die. Nestled inside a sleek glass bowl could be a tiny cactus or fern or even small flowers. A terrarium is low-maintenance yet adds color to any cubicle.

It is a thoughtful and decorative business gift for clients that doesn't ask for much work in return.

9. A Notebook

A plush leather-bound notebook with a supple cover and smooth pages is sure to be well-liked. Whether they take notes in a meeting or jot down ideas on to the go, this business gift will come in handy.

10. A Handwritten Note

Don't underestimate the value of a handwritten note. And we don't mean scratching a Happy Holidays followed by your signature. A handwritten note is rare these days of texts and emails.

Take time to express your gratitude to your clients in a personalized way by putting pen to paper. Feel free to pair the note with another gift if you wish. Yet, the note itself may be what is best received by your clients.

Bottom Line on Client Gift Ideas

We hope this list of 10 client gift ideas helps you choose the perfect professional gift for your clients.

Remember, when you put thought into the gift, it is sure to be well received. The whole point of client gifts is to show appreciation for their business.

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