No Setup Fee / Free Setup-Charge

Order Pens With NO OR FREE Setup Charge

At, you'll find many attractive writing implements that can be customized for business or personal use. What you won't find here, though, are setup charges. In fact, we don't even believe in the concept of a setup fee.

In essence, a setup fee is a sum of money that you have to pay before an artist, a craftsperson or another specialist will start a job. Well, you don't need to pay us to begin working because we can't wait to start. We love it.

Be aware that some companies refer to their setup charges as one of the following:

  • Design fee
  • Startup fee
  • Setup fee
  • Customization fee

Those terms represent just a few of the common alternative names for setup fees. Other companies may require you to become a "member." That way, of course, they can charge you a membership fee.

You can be certain that we won't present you with a setup fee that's disguised as something else. Each of our customers pays just one amount at the end, and it covers every aspect of design and manufacturing.

The setup fees ― or whatever they're called ― of competing pen companies can total $15 to $25 per order. Since we don't demand such payments, the overall cost of our promotional pens is lower.

When there's no setup fee, you gain another advantage. It's easier to figure out how much your personalized pens will cost and to fit them into your budget accurately. After all, setup fees aren't always clear at the outset. Complicating the matter further, if you decide that you'd like more personalized pens than you originally requested, it can be hard to determine if extra setup charges apply or not.

Even worse, if you underestimate the cost of your setup fee or fees, it may be embarrassing to tell your supervisor that you'll need additional money to pay for your order. By contrast, when there aren't any setup charges to worry about, you shouldn't make such an error.

In the end, without pesky setup fees, those gleaming pens sporting your custom logo might look all the more beautiful to you.

"We love the pens and our customers love to take them home. They work well, no complaints. This is our second order.

"The pens look great, we are using them to give away at job fairs."