Custom Church Pens and Church Groups Pens


Church Pens

Parishioners carry your spiritual message with them all of the time, so why not offer them a tangible reminder? Church Pens give your parishioners something they can hold in their hands every time they write a note or send a card. With a church pen in hand, people are reminded of your message, and PensXpress is a trusted supplier of high quality, affordable personalized pens. We have a wide selection of colors and styles to fit any message.

Send a Message

Church pens have a fair amount of surface area, so you can do more than just add the name of your place of worship. You can also include your church's address, name, website, phone numbers and even worship times, so anyone with one of your pens has all of the information they need, right at their fingertips.

Marketing on a Budget

Cheap custom pens with quick turnaround delivery times from PensXpress mean you don’t have to put a strain on the budget when buying promotional church items. That frees up funding for more worthwhile causes. Church pens are small and useful, meaning your members will be more likely to carry and use them in their everyday lives. In fact, many people will grab a pen, even if they aren't church members. Pens are such a useful item that everyone needs one. The more people who use your pens, the more people who might be encouraged to stop in for a service. With pens typically changing hands seven times, every pen you give out can spread the word much further than your immediate geographical area.

When to Order Promo Church Pens

Commemorate special events and milestones with engraved metal pens and hand out neon or LED church pens at youth group gatherings. Welcoming new parishioners with a custom church pen is a thoughtful gesture, even when you pass it out along with your annual pledge card. Our vast inventory means you can select the perfect personalized pen for each and every occasion. Churches are all about spreading a message, so what better way than with custom church pens, carefully selected for every occasion?