Why do Advertising Pens Work as Promotional Giveaways?

Freebies and promotional products might be the most loved form of advertising, given that a recent article in the New York Times mentions that businesses in the US give away promotional stuff work a whopping $20 billion each year! The biggest reason for this is that such items have the power to influence consumer behavior. In fact, according to a report published by the Promotional Products Association International in 2012, 88% of customers recalled promotional products received over the past 12 months, as compared to 71% consumers being able to recall print advertisements. Among the most popular promotional items are writing instruments like advertising pens, USB drives, mugs and wearables, says a survey published by BrandWatch in June 2014.

How do Advertising Pens help Boost Company's Image

If you are looking for good ROI from giving away promotional items, advertising pens could prove to be a good choice.

  • Builds Goodwill: Whether you are gifting them to your employees, target customers or stakeholders, a personalized pen will always be a great way to build goodwill towards your company because research shows that they are viewed as useful gifts. And we all love receiving gifts, don't we?
  • Lasting Impression: An advertising pen will be used for a long period of time and might even receive a prominent place, displayed on the recipient's desk. This means that apart from the recipient thinking of your company each time they write, others will get to see your company's logo, increasing you reach and thereby your impact.
  • Affordable option: Apart from their popularity, writing tools are considered one of the most popular corporate giveaways because of their cost effectiveness. The money saved can then be used for other marketing efforts and even reinvested in business.
  • Targets specific audience: When you have an item that is small enough for large quantities to be transported easily, you can target specific audiences and specific regions easily. Whether it is a product or service launch, trade show or even holiday greetings, personalized pens can work well. In short, you widen your reach at a low cost.
  • High impact: Promotional gifting, especially advertising pens is a fun way to please your customers, partners and employees. They not only create brand awareness and recall, they also create a positive image for your business.

There is no question about the value of branding initiatives and customer outreach efforts. And when you can achieve these goals in a cost effective yet impactful way, the benefits only multiply.