Use Promotional Pens to Get Your Company Noticed

There are many options available for getting a company name out there in a way that is memorable and will lead to increased business. Advertising in print, on television or radio, or by way of billboards are traditional ways to accomplishing this goal. All of these choices can be costly, and will only be seen or heard for a short period of time.

Purchasing an order of promotional pens that display the company name, logo and contact information is a comparably small investment that can bring handsome returns down the road. Here are a few ways these useful giveaway items can help your business get noticed:

They get around 

Sales professionals may offer the pens as a way to say thank you to patrons. They are often passed around from co-worker to co-worker and employee to customer. Occasionally they are taken off the business premises inadvertently, usually after a client uses it to write a check or sign important documents. All of these scenarios mean your company name literally remains in the hands of potential customers.

They're always visible 

Promotional giveaways like water bottles and notepads are nice, but they rarely travel far from the person to which they were presented. Pens are more likely to be the mainstays on desks, counter tops and other common areas within the business environment. Everyone uses pens for something; adults typically have at least one in their possession at all times, while children use them in school. In short, more people will see your business name and contact information, increasing the odds that they'll call you when they need your product or service.

They leave a good impression 

Some businesses give them away to people who attend local functions, charitable events and business expos. Their portability makes it easy to engage in this kind of activity, and doing so will show the community your company is one that cares enough to support local causes and events.

They're customizable 

Everything from the color scheme in the logo to a recognizable font used for the company name can be critical ways of making the business stand out from the rest. With promotional pens you often have a choice of colors and styles so it is easier to find a design that best fits the business and the message you want to convey.