Types of Marketing Pens for your Business Promotion Needs

Pens can be befitting advertising and marketing tools to propagate your brand. You can choose them to market your product or brand, use them as giveaways for customers or use them to as incentives for employees. However, making a mark with these will require some research. It is important to select from innovative variants to making a mark by cutting the clutter. We discuss some impressive options of marketing pens to choose from.

Some Attractive Choices to Consider

LED Pens: Bright LED pens are sure-shot head turners. The flashlight is a utility feature most can't ignore. Besides, the feature clearly differentiates the product from the rest. You can personalize it by having your logo printed on the lights. Using bright and vibrant colors is a great idea too. If your logo is made up of distinct colors, you can consider sticking to them to maintain a consistent brand identity. Provided you have a slightly healthy budget for your promotions, these flashy writing implements can do more than you can imagine to promote your business.

Clip Action Ball Pens with Transparent Barrels: If you are planning promotional items on a lower budget, clip action ball point pens are your best option. But, how do you make them attractive? Choose ones with transparent barrels, and in bright and translucent colors for the clips and the area close to the nibs to enhance the appeal. Place your logo on the body and you are good to go. You may also include a personalized message or your tagline for that matter.

Twist Action Retractable Pens: If you are looking for classic variants, twist action matte finish plastic pens could be your best choice. Not only do they work as marketing tools, they will also work as wedding favors. You can have the wedding date printed on it or even mention the names of the bride and groom for adding that special touch. Choose bright and distinct colors for better appeal. You may also choose ones with a gold or silver trim, making them suitable for more formal occasions, like weddings or social gatherings for instance.

Gripper Full Bodied Pens for High Class Gatherings: If you are looking for full bodied writing instruments for seminars, meetings, forums and so on, these should be your ideal choice. They are easy and comfortable to write with. Besides, they also make a bold statement. Use your logo on top and even include a personal message if you wish to.

Pens are handy marketing tools. And, with so many options available, you are likely to be spoilt for choice.