The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Promotional Pens

Offering a promotional branded pen is a great way to make an impressive and lasting first impression on potential costumers when you meet them. Even with technology becoming more of an integral part of our lives, pens are still a necessary tool that people appreciate and use.

Choosing the right style option for your branded pens can be difficult, but we have you covered.

Here is the ultimate guide of different types of pens to consider for your business' branded giveaways.

Different Types of Pens

The best pen for writing depends on how you want your ink to behave, the color deposit, and the thickness of the stroke for what you are looking for.

Here are a few different popular options for promotional pens.

Gel Pen

This type of pen uses a water-based ink which creates a smooth writing style. The color of ink that comes out of a gel pen is vivid and rich. There is also a big diversity in the number of colors that are available to purchase.

Ballpoint Pen

This is the most popular type of pen which uses a rolling action to dispense the ink onto paper. It uses an oil-based ink and they last for a long time.

Many promotional pens are in the ballpoint style because of its popularity.

Felt-Tip Pen

A felt-tip pen produces a thicker pen stroke and is close to how a marker works. These pens have fibers made from felt that come together to form a point. This pen uses an alcohol-based ink that is coating the fibers

Rollerball Pen

A rollerball pen dispenses ink similarly to how a ballpoint pen does but it uses water-based ink instead of the oil-based ink. The water creates a smoother writing experience and allows for the ink to be more saturated in color

You will find that there are many different options for each of these styles when it comes to branding these for events and giveaways.

Grip VS. No Grip

When looking for promotional pens, start by asking yourself if you want there to be a grip or not.

Knowing this will help decrease the number of potential options for you to choose from.

Grips also come in many different styles like full grips or in a dotted design pattern. They all help improve comfort when writing.

Pens that don't have a grip can look sleeker and more business-like depending on the pen material.

Pen-Material Matters

The cheaper option for branded promotional pens is to invest in plastic pens.

Plastic pens are quick and easy to manufacture and customize which brings them in at a lower price point.

Metal or brass trimmed pens will normally run a little higher in price but give a professional and expensive look to them. These have the option of coming matte instead of glossy.

Remember, plastic pens will be able to have more color and design options because they are easier to customize.

Represent Your Brand

There are different types of pens to get your message across to potential customers.

Pens Xpress carries high-quality pens perfect for any promotional event.

Take a look at other ways to use pens for your events and branding opportunity on our blog.