The Most Popular Pen Types for Promotional Branding

In a study about the effectiveness of promotional products, there were many positive results.

More than half of the participants reported that they had a better impression of the company after receiving a promotional gift with the brand on it. Almost 80% said they would be a repeat customer.

Are you looking for cost-effective promotional branding? 

Branded promotional pens might be the perfect solution. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular pen types for your promotional branding. 

Stylus Pens 

One of the best-branded pens to promote your business is the stylus. Bonus: it has more than one purpose. More than likely, the recipient will use it to write the old-fashioned way on a piece of paper and on all of their touch screen devices

Multi-Tool Pens 

When choosing custom pens to get your name out there, multi-tool pens come in very handy. Every time your pen is used as a screwdriver, flashlight, or pen, your company name gets noticed. 

Gel Ink Pens

Gel ink pens use water-based ink and you can tell by the smoother feel when you're writing. A personalized gel ink pen is a great promotional gift because of the popularity of this type of writing instrument. 

The ink doesn't bleed through paper and it's easier to control than a pen with oil-based ink as you write. 

Metal Pens 

Metal pens with laser engraving stand out in a crowded drawer of pens. These are the luxury pens people reach for when signing a document or writing a thank you note. 

They are high-quality and show that your brand is synonymous with that. 

Stick Pens 

Stick pens have a smooth, sleek barrel making them ideal for printing your logo and business information. Do you want a variety of colors or styles? Stick pens are highly customizable to meet your needs.

Grip Pens

These pens come with a rubberized grip area that makes them easy to hold. A pen that is easy to grip puts less stress on the hand. They make writing smooth and comfortable, reducing writing fatigue. 

Pens with grips are viewed as higher quality and are very desirable when choosing between a variety of pens. 

Retractable Pens 

Who wants to keep track of a pen cap? Nobody. Choose retractable pens when promoting your brand. Retractable pens take the worry out of getting a pen mark on clothes, furniture, purses, etc. 

Which Pen Types Will You Choose? 

Now that you know some of the most popular pen types, which ones will work to promote your brand? Remember that no matter what you choose to promote your brand, hand it out with a smile. 

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