The Many Ways That Stylus Pens Come in Handy at the Office

Perhaps you've heard people discussing pens, styluses and stylus tablets, and maybe you wondered what they were referring to. Even if you're unfamiliar with the term "stylus pen," though, I'm sure you've used one at some point.

In essence, it's a pen-shaped gadget that lets you tap, write or draw on electronic devices like iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones and tablets. I have one for each of my devices.

Stylus pens were once more common than they are today. That's because, in the early days of mobile devices, finger activation technologies weren't as prominent or reliable. Nevertheless, stylus pens are still extremely useful to have around the workplace.

Greater Inclusion

You might think nothing of using your fingers to control your electronic devices. However, for some people, doing so is difficult. Some individuals have "zombie fingers," which means that touchscreens rarely respond to them. Those with long nails or calluses could have such a condition. And, in certain cases, it's unclear why screens won't detect someone's touch.

Additionally, some people have thick or large digits that aren't ideal for manipulating screens, especially small screens. Also, there are those who simply prefer the feeling of holding an implement. I'm one of those people, and I find stylus pens to be much more convenient and usable.

Here's another thing about touchscreens: They don't work if someone is wearing gloves. Maybe some of your staff members wear latex gloves on the job, or maybe you have employees who work outside and wear gloves on cold days. Without stylus pens, they'll have to take their gloves off every time they use those screens. With stylus pens, they can leave their gloves on.

In all of this, when stylus pens are available in your office, you're doing your staff a real service by creating a more inclusive environment.

High-Quality Signatures

If clients, vendors or others come into your office to sign digital documents, it makes sense to have stylus pens ready for them. After all, even the most dexterous folks can have trouble making electronic signatures with their fingers. The writing usually comes out too thick, and I find it hard to stay on that pesky dotted line.

By contrast, signing with styluses is practically the same as signing with regular pens. That's why stylus pens are so common in banks, shops and other commercial establishments.

If your customers will be using your stylus pens regularly, it's a good idea to chain them to desks or electronic devices. That way, people won't accidentally — or perhaps not so accidentally — stick them in their pockets and walk out with them.

Cleanliness and Protection

When touchscreens are always coming into contact with fingers, they get smudged, oily, greasy or otherwise dirty. Likewise, they could suffer damaging scratches. Consequently, you'll have to get them repaired more often, or you'll need to keep buying new devices, which can obviously be expensive.Then there's the issue of hygiene, which online reviews of stylus pens frequently mention. Do people in your office share screens? If so, you can reduce the spread of germs by assigning each employee his or her own stylus pen.

Drawings and Notes

Designers and other people in your company might need to make electronic sketches from time to time. Of course, it's nearly impossible to make accurate and detailed illustrations on a device with just the fingers.

Stylus pens will really help with the production of those drawings. In fact, those gizmos can have tips that are different sizes and shapes, which allows for a variety of line thicknesses.

You can also use this accessory to take notes during conferences, which I do all the time. And, with the right software program, you can do all kinds of things with those notes later on. For instance, you could send them to other people, turn them into typed text, edit them and reorganize them.

A Pen for All Seasons

In short, stylus pens are ingenious creations. These items have a stylish look to them, and they're comfortable to hold. Their prices are affordable. Just as appealing, it couldn't be simpler to insert one into a device and start using it right away. You need zero technical expertise, and there are no complex directions to follow.

Styluses bridge our modern world of electronics and beloved, old-fashioned pen products. Not to mention, when you have a specially colored stylus pen with your company's name and logo printed on it, you'll be able to impress your customers and visitors. It'll make a strong statement about how attentive to detail your company is. And, in the minds of those who write with it, it'll reinforce your branding.

Maybe you know someone who could use a stylus pen around his or her office. I don't know any business person who couldn't benefit from one. Well, you could always ship that person a customized stylus product. It'd be a memorable gift.

In fact, the next time you shop for pens for yourself, why not also shop for your own personalized stylus pens for a tablet or phone? You might find yourself writing and doodling up a storm at work, and having a lot of fun in the process.