Stock Advertising Pens before the Start of the School Season

Stock Advertising Pens before the Start of the School Season

Did you know that since 1993, pens (amongst other writing instruments) have been a popular tool used in several marketing campaigns? In fact, they are the second most sought after promotional medium, preceded only by wearables. Studies show that 73% of the people say that they carry a pen with them always. Further, 83% were found to retain and use promotional pens received. These facts are supported by a study conducted by PPAI's Research Department called A Study of Writing instruments in US households, published in 2012. How is this useful for a business? Not only does it spread the word, but advertising pens also offer excellent value for money.

Best Time to Give Away Promotional Pens

Many use pens to write and edit notes and documents. Several say that they write a great deal, especially during the school term. This was ascertained by the figures compiled by Social Statistics 2.0. Filing forms and writing notes might be a far away reality during the vacation period. However, as July arrives and the vacations come to an end, you would find several people going back to their clerical routines. Students and teachers use pens more frequently than office workers, making them an ideal target. Tests, writing assignments, essays, all are the regular routine of the day, a perfect setting for promotional pens

They Help Build Awareness

Rather than going hunting for pens, students, as well as teachers, will gladly accept and use quality advertising pens given to them. When given to a teacher, such pens will help create brand awareness, and enhance the brand image. When given to a student, such pens have the potential to act as an effective marketing agent, promoting your business to their parents and peers.

A Lasting Impression

Promotional pens are an integral part of a company's advertising strategy, and can offer superior value for money. The PPAI's study also shows that most people use a pen until the ink runs out. Some even refill the pen, so that they can continue using it. So, for a nominal cost, such pens are present in front potential customers for an extended period of time.

Do you always need a Logo?

Many businesses are under the assumption that the logo or the company names are staples for any promotional item. After all, many assume that that is the whole idea of increasing brand awareness. However, other ideas might also draw considerable attention. For instance, you could always personalize the pens. How about adding the phrase "Welcome Class of 2015-2017", while handing out promotional items to a particular postgraduate school, or even have the names of long standing customers printed on the pen. This increases the chances that people would ask where they got it, which leads back to your business.