Promotional Pens Can Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors

As a business owner, you want to stay ahead of your competition. This means being creative with advertising but at the same time, playing it safe. An excellent way to accomplish this is with promotional pens.

Giving out promotional pens with your company logo on them is an excellent way to cushion your sales with a tried and true marketing strategy. With that being said, there are endless possibilities when it comes to promotional products. Why would a company want to give out pens over keychains, magnets or toy balls?

The Benefits of Promotional Pens for Boosting Sales

There are several key advantages to using promotional pens to boost your sales and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Clients and Customers Will Use and See Your Pens on a Daily Basis

First, unlike other products, pens are used on a regular basis. Keychains will likely never get put on key rings, toy balls deflate and get thrown away and magnets get lost on the fridge or may be too flimsy even to hold anything up anyway. Pens are used and seen all the time. This means useful and consistent advertising.

2. Promotional Pens are Cost Effective

Next, consider how much you spend on your entire marketing campaign. Now, consider how much it costs to get a box of promotional pens to give out to customers. The difference will be great because pens are a cost-effective marketing tool. Mailings alone will cost you hundreds of dollars each time you send them out, and they will likely end up in the garbage upon arrival anyway. Choose pens every time.

3. Pens Last and Other Advertisements Don't

Finally, you'll pay for your promotional pens one time. Once they are in the hands of potential and current customers, they become advertisements for the span of their existence, and that will likely be years. On the other hand, expensive commercials, radio spots, and newspaper or online ads live only for a moment in time. If you want them to continue, you have to shell out the big bucks, and you might not even benefit from them.

Your competitors will be using other techniques to gain customers and clients. They may try radio spots, online email flyers or signs on the highway. These are high marketing tactics that won't help their business. Stay one step ahead and give yourself the winning edge by using promotional pens in your business.