Personalized Pens as Shower Favors

Personalized pens may not be the first object you think of when considering baby showers, but they are the perfect party favor for any shower. First of all, you can often order pens in large amounts for a fairly low price, so they are ideal for large showers or when you are trying to keep things low budget. They can also be ordered in many different colors and with different messages, so you can use them to announce the name or gender of the expected baby or just to thank guests for attending.

More than these considerations, though, there are a few reasons why personalized pens are an excellent favor specifically for baby showers. One reason is that many baby showers have games that require writing down answers, and a frequent problem at large showers is providing enough writing utensils for everyone. If you pass out the pen favors at this juncture, everyone will have something to write with, and they don’t have to worry about returning it. This will make the whole game process go a lot more smoothly, and everyone will have more fun!

Traditional baby shower favors are usually a combination of very feminine items like lotions or candles and toys for the other children that are often in attendance. However, it is becoming more and more acceptable to have male guests at a baby shower, so this type of favor no longer works as well. In addition, even if all the guests are female, they may not use this kind of item for allergy reasons or personal reasons, so even if they win the games or were very helpful in arranging the shower, they may not get a token of appreciation that they can enjoy. However, if personalized pens are used as they party favor, they can be appreciated by everyone there.

There are very few people who can’t use an extra pen to stash in a bag or put by the phone. If they seem too small as a favor by themselves, you can always add other personalized stationery to the goodie bags along with the personalized pens, like notepads or pencils, or even more pens with different colors of ink. This keeps the favors enjoyable for everyone, and practical to boot! Getting personalized favors makes everything look nicer with matching color schemes and also allows for a nice sentiment or message on each pen.

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