Pens as a Marketing Giveaway

76% of People Remember the Company Behind Marketing Giveaways

There are advertisements everywhere we turn. It feels like we have got used to ignoring them. In fact, between print and electronic media, it is impossible to go through an entire day without encountering an ad of some kind. Since there are millions of companies out there competing for customers, there is a need to adopt certain promotional ploys to help your brand stand out from the rest. Moreover, the process of increasing brand value and making your service or product memorable needs to be done in a cost effective manner. A great idea for extending your business reach and increasing recall is to offer promotional giveaways such as personalised promotional pens.

A survey conducted by L.J. Market Research highlighted the impact of personalized promotional products. Among the business people surveyed, 71% reported to have received a promotional gift in the last 12 months. Among these, 33.7% actually had the gift on them and said they were using it regularly. In fact, 55% of the participants said that they had previously kept such promotional gifts for more than a year. Such statistics clearly indicate that promotional giveaways can be used on a daily basis by the recipient, provided it is a well thought out and high on utility.

The Convenience of a Pen

A personalised promotional pen fulfils the purpose since it acts as a giveaway with high usability by the recipients. They can be chosen in different styles, including corporate, metal, retractable, gripper, twist, jumbo, gel, ink, LED and clip action pens. They will result in increased brand awareness and easy recall for potential clients and customers. This claim is backed up by the above study which revealed that 76.1% of the respondents that received giveaways could easily recall the advertiser’s name. Moreover, 52% of the respondents even went out to do business with the advertiser after receiving the giveaway. Half of those who did not form a business relation said that they were more likely to do business with the organisation in the future primarily because of the giveaway.

In fact, a good quality pen will probably be carried around by the recipient, reaching more people than those who received the gift. Often pens are displayed in stands and can be noticed by whoever walks into the room. For the cost involved, these personalized gifts result in high recall of your brand or services. Hence, they are a powerful and effective marketing tool to reach your target audience and help your business build lasting relationships.