Make Your Mark with Pens

You’ve probably experienced trying to market your product or service one way or another. Nowadays, with the ever-evolving and expanding technology landscape it may seem as though promoting your business can only be effective through digital means. If we dig deeper though, technology isn’t the only aspect to everyday human life. To uncover what method may be most useful in getting noticed, let’s take a step back and think about what grabs a consumer's attention and how to make the most of this attention.

Whether it be to make it to work on time or to make it to that fast-casual dining joint down the street before the taco deal runs out, it’s in our human nature to rush. It’s inevitable that in this rush, we are distracted from the world around us. This only makes it more difficult for companies to stand out when trying to advertise in a society where consumers are engulfed in their own activities without regard for their surroundings. So, the question becomes: “How can my company get noticed without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars?” The answer really isn’t complicated; the way to get noticed is to keep it simple.

Take advantage of the item that consumers need to use every day, the pen. With promotional pens, you can get your company message across in an effective, cost-conscious manner. Unsurprisingly, you can’t fit an entire company description and history on the barrel of a 4-inch pens. Not to mention, many people wouldn’t have time to read all of that information. So, think about the most important information you want your potential clients to have. I recommend the name of the business, its purpose, and a contact method. With this information, potential customers have all that they need to initiate contact and build a lasting business relationship.

 While having these 3 pieces of information is an excellent idea, it may also be beneficial to consider adding a visual aspect along with the text. Many companies have logos that consumers easily identify with. Having a logo helps keep information engraved in a client's mind since humans are naturally visual thinkers. Associating an image with words is effective in memory retention. Not to mention, unique images are good attention grabbers. Consumers need to be able to retain information in a society where time is limited. Having a promotional product that consumers use everyday allows the consumer to constantly have this information on hand, literally. Keep in mind, consumers don’t have a lot of time throughout the day to take in an overwhelming advertisement, so keep it simple; maintain informative and visual aspects by having clear, informative text and an attractive, memorable logo.

The next time you think about how best to attract potential customers, remember, you can make your mark with pens.

By Steffany Luna