Logo Wholesale Pens are Ideal for Brand Building

In the words of Sir Philip Kotler, “The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand, you’re not a commodity.” And, the prevailing market scenario truly proves the worthiness of this statement. With cutthroat competition in every domain, it isn’t enough to have a good product. Successfully created, robust brands laugh all the way to the bank!

Perhaps you must start off with seeking cost effective avenues of brand building. When it comes to using branded merchandize, it is important to balance costs with returns. Wholesale pens with the logo of your company printed on them, for instance, could prove to be a great choice, irrespective of the nature of your business. We’ll tell you why.

Logo Pens are Great Brand Builders

A pen with your logo on it is an ideal brand building tool for the following reasons:

  • They Represent Reliability: Above all, your brand needs to be perceived as trustworthy and reliable. Only then will customers keep coming back to it. Pens are traditional writing instruments that are still used widely in every sphere of life. Having pens designed and customized with your logo will associate your brand with something that has been successfully put to use for ages.
  • Enhanced Exposure: Building your brand is also about spreading the word. When you choose custom pens for your publicity drives, you are putting your money on merchandise that is widely used. Writing instruments still have a very important role to play in school and professional life. Besides, they are extremely light and mobile, and are borrowed, shared and exchanged extensively. This means wide exposure for your brand and logo.
  • The Many Customizations: Pens, depending on the type and design you opt for, can also speak volumes about your brand. For instance, having a high end metal pen with your logo will tell the customer that your brand is a premium one. Similarly, the colors you choose for customizing these pens would also work towards establishing your identity. You can always stick to your brand color when creating logoed stationery and for continuity in brand image.
  • The High Returns on Investment: Well, keeping the phenomenal impact these humble writing instruments are likely to have in perspective, the cost of production is significantly low. And naturally, return on investment is likely to be impressive.

Considering that brand building needs to be a continuous exercise, we need to stick to our budget and choose something that enjoys universal appeal. And pens fulfill this requirement like no other giveaway.