How to Draw More Congregants to Your Church with Promotional Items

Marketing can be one of the hardest parts of running a church, and it is often the most neglected.

Many churches today are seeing a decline in attendance and are looking for ways to draw in more newcomers. If that is where your church is at today, don't worry.

One of the best ways to draw in new people to your church is with marketing giveaways. Never underestimate the power of promotional materials.

We've put together this guide to using promotional giveaways so that your church can start to succeed in marketing!

Use them as a "Business Card"

It can seem a little strange when you receive a business card for a church. So why not use promotional gifts such as pens as your business card instead?

Promotional products do wonders for your brand recognition. People are unlikely to come to your church if they aren't really aware that you exist. And first-time guests are unlikely to return if they can't really remember you.

Giving out free gifts with your branding on them are great helps to bring in new people and keep first-timers coming back. In this speedy age, retaining recognition is incredibly important.

Choose Products Relevant to Your Church

When creating a marketing strategy for your church involving promotional materials, you want to make sure that you select items that are relevant to your ministry.

Pens are a great option for churches because you'll likely want newcomers to use them to fill out information and take notes during the service. You may also want to consider bags for people to bring their Bibles and notebooks in.

Whatever free gifts you choose to give to your newcomers, just be sure that they speak to the personality and overall feel of your church. You want these gifts to cement you in your newcomers' memories.

Personalize With Series Or Scripture

Once you've selected the type of promotional gifts you'll be giving away, you'll need to decide what will go on them. Obviously, your church logo and maybe your contact information are the go-to's, but you may want to consider something even more personal.

Perhaps you can tie promotional materials to your current sermon series, or maybe a theme that speaks to the season you are in as a church right now. Does your church have a key verse that you keep coming back to? Use that! There are lots of different ways you can personalize beyond just simple branding.

You Can Tie Promotional Items to Your Other Marketing

Of course, promotional materials should fit into your overall marketing strategy. As you're planning your strategy out, you'll want to make sure that all the different parts work together nicely.

You can give out items with QR codes that link to your social media accounts, or a special newcomers' page on your website. Anything that adds more engagement with your church will be great. You have lots of different platforms to reach people, use them!

Interested in Pens as Marketing Giveaways?

We hope that this overview of using marketing giveaways to draw more people into your church has been helpful to you. If you are interested in purchasing promotional pens for your church, take a look at our samples!