How to Customize Pens for Your Swag Bag

Swag bags are all the rage with marketing and branding these days, and no swag bag is complete without an awesome personalized pen or three!

But how do you turn your bags into lead generating machines? Read on to find out how to customize pens for your swag bags.

Consistent Branding Across the Board

Swag bags are all about brand awareness and exposure. However, in order to have a strong brand presence, you need consistent branding across all your offerings, including your free goodies.

Simply put, any plans to customize pens should include your logo and design elements that make the pens consistent to the rest of your branding image.

In addition to your brand imaging, make sure to include relevant information such as your website URL, telephone or address, but make sure you don't overstuff the surface of the pen with letters, or it might become clunky.

To prevent that from happening, you need.

Catchy and Professional Design

Your goodie bag is a way to show appreciation to your customers, get new leads, and motivate your employees to keep on being awesome. It is also a great way to showcase your taste in stylish and cool things.

There are TONS Of good swag bag ideas to choose from, but a professionally designed custom pen is arguably one of the best.

Unique and Memorable

When you customize a pen design to give away through your swag bags, you are effectively placing a permanent advertisement in your customers' offices.

That's why it's important to make your custom pen as memorable and unique as possible. In addition to your logo, add names, punchlines, relevant info and even quirky stuff to make it stand out.

Some companies aim for inspirational quotes, others for funky colors, and some even for totally unorthodox pen designs that truly stand out from the crowd!

Remember, your customers' office might be full of custom pens from other swag bags. In order for yours to be noticed, it HAS to stand out!

Above all, Usable

No matter how fancy, brandable and professional your pen is, it is going to go to waste unless it is usable. A pen, above all, should be pleasant to write with. Opt for refillable or reusable pens, as they are both more eco-friendly, and allow your customers to keep on using them for years at an end.

Also, if you opt for an assorted color pen order, you should keep in mind that some pen colors will be a lot more popular than the rest. So, plan accordingly!

Customize Your Pens to Stand Out

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