How to Create the Best Pens for Your Business and Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect way to help your target market remember your company's name?

Need a new strategy to increase your brand recognition and differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Want to find affordable personalized favors for reunions, weddings, or anything else you're celebrating? 

Whether you're using them in your professional or personal life, customized pens are the way to go. About 90% of consumers say that they can easily recall a brand's logo and company name after they've received a promotional product, and most party guests today expect some sort of a favor to remember the occasion by. 

Customized pens are affordable, useful, and one of the rare favors or promotional items that will actually please everyone.

Read on to learn how to design the best pens for your business or event, and where you can go to get all kinds of unique, high-quality custom pens

Selecting Your Pen Type

In order to create the best pens for your business or personal event, begin by focusing on choosing your specific pen type. 

Perhaps your party is on the smaller side, or you're passing out branded pens at an elite business event. In this case, you should look for pens that require a lower minimum order. Low minimum pens are also a great choice for companies or individuals who want to commemorate a singular event, like a special sale or a family reunion. 

List your company/family name and the date of the event, and leave it at that. 

If you're looking for sleek pens that offer laser engraving, go for metal pens. While still affordable, these pens are incredibly durable, and are a wise choice for startups, tech companies, or industrial businesses. 

Go for a capless option by choosing a retractable pen -- perfect for those who need to jot down a quick note at a conference or an office meeting. Grip pens will keep people comfortable, and could make excellent gifts from teachers to students right before an end-of-year exam. 

If you need to buy a large amount of pens, we suggest you consider the classic stick pens. 

Gel ink pens use water-based ink as opposed to oil-based ink, and are excellent for signing guests books or going in wedding goodie bags (engrave them with the bride and groom's name and the wedding date.) 

Designing Business Pens

Corporate pens are a new kind of business card -- only instead of sitting in the recipient's wallet, they'll be used almost every day. This means that your target market will see your company's name, logo, company colors, and contact information all the time. 

Even if they don't need your services at the moment, when they do in the future, they'll know exactly who to call. 

So, when you're designing business pens, you need to ensure that the information you include is legible and essential. Pens don't give you much real estate to work with, so you can't include everything and need to keep the number of lines to a minimum. 

We suggest including your company's name, website address or phone number, and then printing your logo on the left side text lines. 

Choose a pen that's the same shade as your company colors, and ensure that you've selected an easy-to-read font. Especially if your standard business font would be difficult to read on a smaller item, make the switch to bold, blocked letters instead. 

Custom pens are the perfect mementos to hand out at trade shows, to give to your valued customers, or to have in your office to allow your customers/patients to fill out forms. They're also a wonderful gift from a real estate agent to clients -- give them the promotional pen that they used to sign their closing papers.

You can even give them out to your employees as a part of your end of the year gift to them.

Creating Personalized Pens

We've already talked about how you can use personalized pens to create the perfect wedding or family reunion favors. 

So, how else can you use custom pens to celebrate the most important events in your life? 

They make great party favors for children's birthdays -- list your child's name, their age, and the date of the party. You can also give them out to members of your church congregation every Sunday. 

Print the main Bible verse discussed in the sermon on the pens, and then stand by the doors as your congregation exits the service, holding baskets filled with customized pens. 

This ensures that everyone will carry the day's message with them throughout the week -- and will likely get them to come back next Sunday. 

Pens also make great favors for bachelor/bachelorette parties, as gifts for Mother's/Father's Day, or even to celebrate a high school or college graduation. 

Where Can You Get the Best Pens for Your Business and Parties?

Whether you're designing custom pens for your business or your own parties, what matters the most is the quality of the pens themselves and the execution of your design. 

Remember that these pens represent your company or show the people in your life how much you value them -- so don't settle for anything less than the best pens for your business or big event. 

We offer a wide variety of pen types, colors, and customization options. We'll even provide you with sample pens, so that you'll know exactly what you're getting before you decide to place a larger order. Usually, we can ship these sample pens out to you in just 48 hours. 

Whether you're interested in LED pens, metal pens, grip pens, or more, we'll help you to bring your vision to life -- and make sure that your customers and friends never forget your name or event.