Custom Pen Design Options: An Overview of Your Customization Choices

If you could put your message directly into the hands of your audience, would you?

Though digital marketing has seen an uproarious rise, tangible advertising continues to remain an important and effective outreach method. Why? Put simply, you can't hold an email.

You can't turn a social media post over and examine it from all angles. You can't keep an SMS text message on display on display at your desk. Well, technically you can, but you may get some strange looks from your co-workers.

Collateral such as a custom pen, however? It's not only practical, but it keeps your branding physically present and top of mind. 

Does this sound like a route that your company could use to boost sales or a unique way you'd like to commemorate a special event? If so, read on.

Today, we're sharing how to customize your pens so you can be sure they're the way you want them. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

Step 1: Find Your Collection

You can begin the customization process by visiting our collections of custom pens, available here.

Browse the options to find ones that fit your needs. If you're in the corporate sphere, you may be seeking a set for trade show giveaways, corporate incentives or employee gifts.

Or, you might need customized pens for a more personal purpose.

Instead of filling tiny gift boxes with mints or chocolates, why not give wedding guests something they can use long after the honeymoon's over? The same goes for birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries and more. Candy, noisemakers, and confetti are fun, but custom pens offer unparalleled functionality. 

As you search, consider if there are any key features you're looking for. You may prefer retractable pens, for instance, or ones with comfort grips. 

Once you've decided on a set (or a few!), you're ready to get into the customization process. Let's keep going!

Step 2: Choose Your Pen Color

First, you'll decide which color you'd like the outside of your pens to be. On the right-hand side of each specific collection page, click the drop-down menu titled "Pen Color."

In most cases, you can select a specific color for the entire set, or choose "Assorted Colors" to get a range of the entire collection.

If you're giving away pens at an event such as a wedding, consider the colors of the theme. Are your party colors purple and white? A purple pen with a message printed in white will coordinate well. If it's a graduation, school colors are appropriate. 

If you're using them for a business function, select colors that match your company's logo and other promotional materials. Doing so will create a cohesive branding message that tells a story.

If you don't have a specific palette to work within, you can be a little more creative at this point.

Use the basics of color theory to find hues that work well together. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, create a bold contrast.

Conversely, analogous colors, such as yellow and orange, which are beside each other on the wheel, offer a more subtle complement. 

Take the time to consider what will look the best when paired with your other collateral, and let that design guide the rest of your choices. 

Step 3: Select a Printing Option

The fun of this process is making the pen design all yours!

Next, you'll select the printing option you need. You can choose from text only, text and logo, logo only or no design. 

Consider the most important parts of your message and why you're purchasing custom pens in the first place.

Do you want to attract new leads to your small business? You'll want a design with text and possibly a logo, so recipients know how to reach you. If you're an established company with a brand that's easily recognizable, logo-only may work.

Are you passing the pens out as party favors to mark a special milestone? Including text allows you to print the date on each pen.

One rule of thumb? If you're printing a logo, upload a high-resolution image for the best results. 

Step 4: Choose a Print Color

Your next step is to choose the color you want your message printed in on the pen. To make sure it shows up, avoid using print colors that too closely mimic the color of the pen itself.

For example, if you chose navy blue pens, steer clear of blue print. The same goes for using maroon or pink print on a red pen.

Rather, stick with colors that contrast each other to make your text and logo pop. If you went with a white pen, a dark black print is ideal. If your pen is black, silver or white print stands out. 

Also, consider the colors in your logo when selecting a print color. Where possible, use print and background colors that complement your corporate branding. 

Step 5: Pick a Font

Almost there! From here, you'll choose your text font.

This is one place you'll need to brainstorm the message you want to send. Your font choice says a lot about you and can reveal your personality or the tone of the event.

Are you going for a fun and playful touch? Comic Sans is laid back and informal, making it ideal for birthday parties or special events. A more formal wedding might require a serif font, such as Lucida, Allura or Palatino.

For business use, it's best to stick with sans-serif fonts that are clean and minimalistic, keeping the emphasis on the message itself. Popular choices include Lato, Helvetica or Verdana. 

Also, consider how much text you'll want to include. A serif font works best with fewer characters, as each letter will be more embellished. A sans-serif choice will allow you to include more text while still maintaining a clean look.

Step 6: Line Customization

In this final step, you'll enter exactly what you want your pens to say.

Though it may be tempting to include as many details about your company or event as possible, be cognizant of space restrictions. Trying to squeeze in as much text as possible can lead to overcrowding. 

With most pens, you'll have up to 35 characters per line, with the option to add up to three lines. 

For the cleanest, most legible design, stick with only the most critical information. For instance, be sure to include your business' contact information, including these key details:

  • Company Name
  • Business Phone
  • Business E-mail Address

Or, for a special day such as a wedding, you can include the couple's name and the date of the event. 

Smart Ways to Save

There's a reason we stock up on paper goods and oversized bags of chips when we go to the big-box store. Buying in bulk is an excellent way to save, as the individual price of each item is lower. 

The same applies to buying your custom pen sets! As you slide the scale under the "Quantity" section, you can see the price per pen drop with the more you order.

Take the price of our Classic Matte Twist pen, for instance.

When you order 100+, the cost per pen is $0.46. For 250+, it's $0.37 (a 24% discount). At 500+, it's $0.35 (a 31% discount) and at 1000+, it's $0.33 (a 39% discount).

The takeaway? Plan for as many pens as you need, with a buffer in case you require extra. That way, you'll boost your savings and have plenty on hand to give away later!

How to Expedite Production Time

Is your custom pen order time-sensitive? No problem.

Select "Rush Service" at the bottom of the order form and we'll ship it to you quicker than our normal seven-day delivery time. 

You can even enter the exact date you need your order by, and we'll do our best to meet the turnaround requirement, reviewing and confirming it ASAP. If you have any additional custom requests, be sure to enter them in the "Special Order Instructions" text box at the bottom of each form.

Design Your Custom Pen Set With Us

You have something to say and you want others to hear it loud and clear. You aren't settling for collateral that will end up in the wastebasket or at the bottom of a drawer, unused.

Rather, you want a custom pen that clients, employees and family members alike can use daily, remembering you as they do so.

If you're ready to take your event, business function or marketing campaign to the next level, we'd love to help. Take a look at our latest pen styles to get started and let your imagination take care of the rest!

Have a question or a special request? Feel free to reach out to us. We'll help you turn your vision into reality, one order at a time!