Best Pen Ink Color For Professional Documents

You shouldn't just use the first pen that you find when it comes to signing professional or legal documents. It's vital that you consider professional colors when it comes to filling out any professional forms. You don't want to use red or purple or green. To be safe, you are better off using blue or black ink. But determining which color is acceptable doesn't have to be tricky.

Be wary of certain pen requirements within the directions at the top of any form that you may fill out. Using the wrong color can cause you a number of problems involving your form being rejects or triggering fraudulent activity. You never want to use a pencil on important documents because it can be erased and otherwise altered.

Read on to learn which ink color in the right pen is ideal for different situations.

When Should You Use Black Ink?

In many cases, you will find that black ink is more likely to be used when filing job applications, official records and other business documents. Government documents, like a passport application, will also require the use of black ink. In some countries, they are so strict on these policies that they will completely reject any government correspondence that are submitted in the wrong color.

Black ink tends to copy better than any other ink color. Red will show up too light and in some cases won't show up at all. The same might be said about blue or purple. Using the wrong color ink may cause issues when it comes to scanning documents.

When Should You Use Blue Ink?

Certain legal documents and financial paperwork may require blue ink. This includes documents like credit card applications. This is because using black (or another color) may raise flags for fraudulent checks or credit card application as they can't tell if they are original documents vs a photocopy.

Blue ink is also valuable when it comes to learning and other creative purposes. Blue ink (and colors other than black) help to improve memory response and have positive impacts on the brain. They also help to get the creative juices flowing.

Certain colors, like red, are known to evoke strong and/or negative reactions. It isn't ideal when it comes to filling out professional documents. This leaves colors like blue that have a calming and soothing result. This helps you to better focus on the task at hand. Filling out documents and writing important business correspondence.

So, Which Ink Color Is Best?

The ink color that you should choose completely depends on the situation that you are in. Make sure to take your time and read over the entire form before you begin filling it out. It can save you a lot of time and effort when you do it right the first time.

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