And the Winner is.. Personalized Pens!

If you are responsible for planning and running an awards ceremony, one of the most difficult parts can be figuring out what to present. Sometimes trophies are appropriate, but sometimes they feel out of place or are out of your budget. On some occasions, you can get away with only handing out certificates, but that doesn’t always work either, and those who have worked hard enough to deserve the honor of a ceremony should get to walk away with something solid in their hands. One possible option is personalized pens. They  have many advantages as awards!

Like a trophy or plaque, a personalized pen can be inscribed with the honoree’s name and achievement, usually for a much lower cost and much more conveniently. One order of pens can contain all the awards for your ceremony. Personalized pens also often have more customization available than a trophy or plaque may, so you can get colors or script that match the tone set by your organization, rather than giving the award winners a generic prize that could have come from anywhere.

Pens may also be preferred by the honorees themselves. Anyone who is being recognized at a formal award ceremony is probably a hard worker and would prefer a practical award to something that is purely a status symbol. Personalized pens can be beautiful awards, but they are also useful. Even in this increasingly digital world, there are times when you just need to jot something down. Also, pens are easier to carry around and show others than plaques or trophies. If they need to prove they were honored by your organization or if they just like to be reminded of their achievement, they can pull a pen out of a purse or pocket. A trophy has to be kept on a shelf, well out of reach of children or pets.

You should especially consider using a pen as your award if you are running an awards show for an organization that honors authors or journalists. They will particularly appreciate a quality pen to use as they continue to practice and improve their craft and continue to produce work that is worthy of attention. Your award can be cost-effective, practical, and thematically significant, all in one, and that makes personalized pens a perfect choice for this type of ceremony. However, even if they aren’t specifically relevant to who is being honored, pens make a great award for any occasion!