Add Personalized Hotel Pens to the Hotel Arsenal

Hotels pens are probably the businesses most associated with providing free personalized sample items. This is because most of the people who stay in a hotel will have forgotten some type of small but necessary item, and the hotel knows that by providing these items, they will give the customer a better experience. While the standard hotel fare includes items like soap and shampoo, hoteliers should also consider adding personalized pens to the roster.

Items like shampoo benefit the impression on an individual customer, but they don’t offer much in terms of advertising possibility. Even the people who take the bottles with them aren’t likely to show them off in front of friends and family, and such small bottles only last a short time anyway. Pens, on the other hand, last a long time and may be used in a public setting as easily as in a private one. Providing guests with pens on the bedside table fulfills a common need while also giving the hotel the opportunity to spread the word about itself. 

Personalized pens are also a more convenient item to place in a room than soap and shampoo because they don’t have to be replaced with every guest. While many guests will take the pen and it will then need to be replaced, this won’t be the case with all of them. If the pen remains in the room, it doesn’t need to be changed just because it has been used slightly, unlike soap and shampoo which do need to be switched out each time they are opened for hygiene reasons. 

It is easy to design and purchase personalized pens. Most sites that offer them have a wide array of choices for color and font, as well as plenty of characters available to fit a company name, slogan, and contact information. Personalization allows a hotel chain to have a standard pen that is altered to contain the contact information of each location, with the relevant pens sent to the specific hotels. 

Personalized pens are always a good method for spreading awareness of your business. They will be kept more frequently than many other methods due to their practical nature, and can hold all of the most important information. Any hotel looking to boost their clientele should definitely examine all the possibilities of leaving pens in their rooms as well as making them available at the front desk!