A Guide to the Best Promotional Items to Give Away at a Religious Gathering

If you're searching for new ways to spread your message, don't overlook promotional products.

Promos are one of the best ways to promote your church or group and attract attention.

The research is clear, with 9 out of every 10 Americans having at least one promotional product in their home.

Follow this introductory guide to learn the basics of promotional marketing and find out what the best promotional items are.

Usefulness and Value is Key

The top promotional products all have one thing in common: they're useful. People take and hold on to freebies that provide real value to their life.

Novelty items may catch their attention at a meeting or convention but are often trashed. Things that they can use on a daily basis stick with them.

Make sure that whatever type of promo you use is interesting to look at and functional. You don't want people to associate your brand with low-quality goods.

The Best Promotional Items

Promotional products are a time-tested marketing technique that works. When deciding what to offer to your potential customers or congregants, look to the most effective items of the past.


Pens are a classic promotional item and with good reason. Everyone needs pens. Most people love to accept free pens from whoever is giving them out. The trick is to make your pen memorable enough that it doesn't end up in a drawer somewhere.

There are many different pen types available to you. The plastic ballpoint is the most affordable option and gives you lots of graphic design and color choices. It's easy to put company mottos or scripture verses on a plastic pen.

If you want to make a strong statement, go for brass or steel pens. They cost more on a per unit basis but are much more likely to end up on a desk or in someone's hand than in a drawer.

If you only have the budget for one promo, make it a pen.


Bags are another great way to spread your message. Major conventions and other gatherings often have lots of people giving out promo messages. Offering people a handy bag early in the day is a great way to provide additional value.

People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. A custom reusable grocery bag is a great way to put scripture or your congregations' message in their day to day lives.


Who doesn't love a free shirt?

Inexpensive, ubiquitous and guaranteed to be accepted, promotional shirts are another great way to attract attention to your message. The best part about shirts is that they spread your information beyond the original person.

Every time they wear the shirt they act as a mobile billboard for your brand. Shirts can be a bit more expensive than other items but show a healthy ROI.

Focus on Your Message

Using the best promotional items is a great way to provide value to your audience and build brand awareness. You put yourself in their everyday lives and show them that you're a useful brand.

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