5 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas to Attract Booth Visitors


Every year millions of people attend trade shows throughout the US. Statistics from TSNN show that 81% of these people have buying authority.

It's a no-brainer that these get-togethers are a great place to attract new customers and build your brand.

How do you make sure you stand out from the crowd at these events? Grab a pen and get ready to take notes, because we're about to reveal 5 of the coolest trade show giveaway ideas ever.

Don't have a pen? Even better. Then you'll know exactly what we mean.

The First Rule of Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Nobody is going to say no to a freebie - it's one of the main reasons why they attend trade shows in the first place.

Branding promotional items is a great way to build brand recognition. However, it's not much use if your branded item spends the rest of its days forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

This brings us to rule number one. Make sure your trade show giveaways are items that people will want or need to use every day - preferably in public.

That is why pens will always be the number one thing to stick your logo on at every opportunity.

Pens, like socks, have a habit of disappearing one at a time. They usually end up in the top pocket of whoever used them last and on their way out the door and into the world. One good-quality pen could travel the earth in its lifetime.

Other useful and sought-after everyday items are cigarette lighters, T-shirts, and towels. The trick is to choose really awesome ones that stand out in a crowd and create a talking point around your brand.

Getting To First Base

Step one is getting prospective clients to leave your trade show stand with your promotional items. You don't want them leaving with all your free stuff without giving you something in return though.

Setting up an exhibit that stands out from all the others will draw the crowds.

Interactive displays and activities are great for attracting attention and help prospects to remember your products long after they have left.

A photo booth with quirky branded props is an effective way to get social media shares.

Take advantage of the limelight to showcase your products prominently and dish out free gifts. A gentle reminder in the form of a promotional giveaway can help them to make the connection between the awesome goods they saw and your brand.

This is especially true if your trade show giveaways relate to something that they need or are just so awesome that they can't walk past.

5 Timeless Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

We've racked our brains to uncover some of the best promotional items to get people flocking to your stand.

Give your brand a better chance with these out of the box trade show giveaway ideas. No matter which ones you choose, make sure they leave with a pen to go with that.

1. High-Quality Pens

When was the last time you had too many pens? Despite the digital era, there are still some things you can't do without a pen.

By choosing the best quality pens you can afford on your budget, you create positive associations for your brand.

Pens are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your brand personality.

2. Get Out There

Hiring attractive male and female models to hand out your pens and other promotional items is a fail-safe way to get their attention. People find it hard to say no to good-looking, personable people. Local celebrities are always a hit and they are also shareable-selfie-magnets.

If you are giving away T-shirts at your trade show stand make sure your promotional people are wearing them. In the imagination of the prospect, they will think that they too can look as good in your gear.

Be sure to have a variety of sizes and colors available if you decide to hand out any clothing items. Encourage guests to take selfies of themselves with your super-cool gear and spread them all over social media.

Brand ambassadors in attendance at your booth are perfect for promoting your products and answering customers' questions. They can also get contact details and make sure prospective clients leave with something to remember you by.

3. Put Your Money Where Their Mouth Is

Food items always attract attention to a trade show stand.

Nibbles should be easy to pick up and munch on the spot, or packaged in small branded takeaway packets.

Try some of the more unusual eats such as fortune cookies or specially-made cookies shaped to resemble your product. Beautifully iced cupcakes are a timeless trend.

Chocolate and candy are always a hit too and easy to wrap up in branded packaging.

4. Goodie Bags

Curiosity is a great drawcard. Package up your awesome pens with a matching notebook and some free sample products in a sealed bag or box for irresistible allure.

Other great ideas for goodie bags include a flash drive (you can preload it with a promo video for your products), cosmetics, mints and key rings.

It's like Christmas for prospective customers - most of the fun is in the unwrapping and they will be delighted to find useful items inside.

5. Competitions

Running a competition is a sure-fire way to get contact details from the crowds. They will probably walk away with the branded pen they used to fill in the form too.

On the spot draws, simple carnival-type games or scratch cards appeal to people's competitive nature. They are a fun way to make sure they leave with one or more of your branded items in the form of a prize.

There's More

Check out the rest of our blog for more trade show giveaway ideas and to find out how to get the most out of trade shows, events, and special occasions.

We'd love to get your brand out there. Get in touch for a custom quote when you start planning your next trade show booth.