5 Personalized Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Actually Use

The wedding industry in the United States is enormous. In fact, the estimated market size of the industry is roughly $72 billion.

In addition, newlyweds are spending more than ever on these spectacular events. The average wedding cost exceeds $35,000 and social media-driven competition is putting upward pressure on that number.

With such a large investment, you want your guests to remember this special day forever. Personalized wedding favors are a great way to accomplish this.

The trick is to select favors that are practical and can be regularly used. Read on for 5 personalized wedding favors that your guests will actually use.

1. Bottle Openers

Everyone needs a strong bottle opener to crack open their favorite beer or soda. Investing in personalized bottle openers for your guests is certain to be a smash hit.

First, you can engrave the bride and groom's name and wedding date as a tribute to the wedding. Another great idea is to make it keychain compatible so friends and family can carry it around on the regular.

2. Wedding Pens

Wedding pens are an underrated favor. They meet both criteria laid out in the introduction as pens are practical and frequently used.

Many people enjoy using fancy pens for business and personal reasons. What better gift than a personalized wedding pen to commemorate the big day.

3. Mason Jars

Wedding guests enjoy mason jars because they serve so many different purposes. Some people use them as d?cor in their homes. They fit with any country or rustic decorative theme.

Others use mason jars as a trendy cup for cocktails or lemonade. Clearly, there are many different uses for mason jars. They are a practical and usable gift for your wedding guests.

4. Miniature Photo Frame

Photo frames are a great gift to capture memories forever. For this reason, it is the perfect gift for a personalized wedding favor.

Photo booths are currently a popular amenity at weddings. If you decide to invest in a photo booth, a correlating frame allows guests to display memories from the wedding at their home.

You can have the photo frame sized the same as the photographs printed by the booth. Underneath the booth's photo, you can display the bride and groom's names and wedding date.

5. Coffee Mugs

Everyone has a use for coffee mugs in their house. This is a wonderful way to commemorate the big wedding day.

There are so many different sizes and style mugs to choose from. For example, espresso cups are popular for coffee drinkers. Also, there are dozens of colors and designs to pick from.

Personalized Wedding Favors - Wrapping It Up

Wedding favors afford you an opportunity to impress your guests and give them something special to remember the big day. Gifts like mason jars and photo frames are practical and usable as household decor.

Other items like wedding pens and bottle openers are frequently used. If you enjoyed this article about personalized wedding favors, check out our blog for other great pieces.