The Power of the Pen: Choosing the Perfect Custom Pens

Did you know that 85% of people remember the name of a company that has given them a promotional product?

That's right — promotional items are a powerful marketing tool, and custom pens are an excellent place to start.

We all use pens, they're easy to carry, and they're affordable to create. This means they're ideal if you're looking to experiment with promotional products for the first time.

Designing the perfect custom pen could massively increase brand awareness for your company, boosting sales and conversions.

Not sure which type of custom pen is most appropriate for your company?

Keep reading for details on all the options.

Stick Pens

Stick pens are a classic — they're reliable, portable, and ideal for everyday writing tasks.

Ballpoint stick pens create vivid lines and dry instantly on contact with paper, reducing the chances of smudging. They can feel a bit scratchier than gel or ink pens, but this isn't an issue for most users.

If your customers are the kind of people who want to scribble down quick notes with a reliable tool, stick pens are perfect.

They're available in a range of colors and styles, so it's easy to customize them to match your branding.

Brightly-colored, retractable stick pens are a good choice for modern brands, while twist pens in classic matte shades are ideal if you want something more traditional.

Gel Pens

Gen pens write beautifully, creating smooth, flowing lines in deep, bold colors.

They're perfect for anyone who loves the craft of writing and wants to do more than just jot down a few notes on the back of a napkin.

The ink is thicker than in ballpoint pens, which means it can take a few seconds to dry. These pens also write best on higher-quality paper, where there's no risk of bleeding.

Gel pens are available in both lidded and retractable styles, with plenty of space for you to add your company name and logo.

They're a great choice if you want to show that your brand values quality and craftsmanship.

Grip Pens

Grip pens come with a built-in rubber grip which makes them easier to use and improves the overall writing experience.

These pens instantly look higher-quality and more desirable than those without a grip. They'll appeal to customers who might struggle to hold a regular pen comfortably, like seniors.

Choosing a pen that's pleasant to use increases the chances that customers will keep it for a long time, rather than switching to another pen — which means you get more exposure.

In fact, research shows that many people pass on promotional items to friends and family members, giving you double the advertising benefit.

Retractable Pens

Retractable pens offer the ultimate convenience, allowing customers to throw them straight into bags or pockets without any risk of the ink leaking.

There's no lid to worry about losing, and they're ideal for parents who are worried about having small parts lying around the house.

Both gel and ballpoint pens are available in a retractable style and the range of colors and designs is huge. Many retractable pens also feature handy clips and rubber grips, adding extra value.

If your customers prioritize convenience, then retractable pens are definitely a good choice.

Metal Pens

Do you want to show that your brand is all about quality?

Branded metal pens are the best way to make a bold statement and promote your business to high-level customers.

Your custom text will be added using precision laser engraving, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. Metal pens are available in classic shades including gold and silver, giving a real sense of luxury.

For more youthful brands, you'll still have the option of brighter shades like red, blue, and purple.

Metal pens are available with lids, in retractable styles, and with extra features like soft stylus nibs. Think about your customers' day-to-day needs when choosing which features to go for.

Stylus Pens

Pens aren't just for writing nowadays — they're also great tools to use in combination with tablets and other touchscreens.

Appeal to your tech-savvy customer base by choosing pens which come with a soft stylus nib in addition to a regular ink nib.

These pens instantly stand out, which makes them ideal if you're at a conference or trade show and want to attract attention.

The stylus nib is useful for students who study using touchscreens, business people who can use them to assist during presentations, and busy parents who like to keep kids entertained with tablets.

Stylus pens are multi-functional and remain useful even once the ink has run out, making them they're ideal if you want your promotional items to be used long-term.

LED Light Pens

Looking for a pen that really stands out from the crowd?

LED light pens could be perfect.

As well as working as a fully-functioning writing instrument, these pens come with a bright LED light which is switched on and off using a button at the end of the pen.

This light is really handy for highlighting important points during presentations and product demos — or just waving around for fun at a late-night event!

These pens have a novelty factor that's sure to make them the most desirable promotional item around, particularly if you're looking to appeal to a younger audience.

The quality of the pen isn't compromised by the light, so these pens offer the best of both worlds.

How Can You Use Custom Pens to Promote Your Business?

Once you've created the perfect custom pens for your brand, you'll need to decide how to use them.

You could give the pens away as freebies at events and trade shows, give them as gifts to loyal customers, ask your employees to use them, or run giveaways on social media.

The possibilities are endless, so it's always wise to have a stack of promotional pens on hand.

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