The Benefits of Promotional Pens

Promoting a business is so much more than just taking out an advertisement in the local paper these days. Marketing teams need to infuse elements of technology, but also craft innovative methods that will help to imprint the image of the company in minds of potential consumers. Some businesses use pens to promote their values and ideals.

Usable Promotional Item

Some promotional items simply end up shoved in the back of a drawer or cabinet because they do not serve a functional purpose. However, most people use pens on a regular basis whether to make grocery lists at home, to complete homework assignments for their classes or to fill out paperwork on the job. Others simply like to have an extra pen in their bag, and you will have provided them with that item. A pen is an excellent idea for a promotion because potential customers will frequently be reminded of your business.

Colors and Logos

A pen is also a useful item because it can act as a representative of your business. For example, your business might have a particular slogan or image that is associated with it, and a smaller version, or the full version depending upon the size, can be placed on the pen. This item does not need to contain only the name of your company. In addition to the logo or slogan, it can also have a contact phone number, email address or website where individuals can go to learn more about your products and services.

Integrating Your Company's Values

People want to know that they can trust the company from which they are purchasing products and services, and promotional pens allow you to do that. For example, if the basis of your company is to provide environmentally-friendly products, then you could provide promotional pens that are made out of recycled materials. If the heart of your business focuses on raising awareness for breast cancer, then the pens can be pink to promote that cause. You can also use words on the pen that show what the values of the company are if you do not have something quite as tangible as the other examples that you can use.

Providing promotional pens, whether you are at a large showcase event or a small one at your own shop, gives you an opportunity to continue marketing to people even after they have left for the day.