Promote your Practice with Personalized Pens

When considering the supplies needed for a doctor’s office, personalized pens may not be at the top of the list. However, they actually have many benefits in such an environment, especially in a private practice that needs more exposure and wants to draw in more patients.

First of all, it is extremely important that any patient be able to access the contact information of their physician’s office at any time. However, it can be very easy to lose a piece of paper in pockets or a purse. Offering patients personalized pens can help them hang onto this contact information better and be able to find it more easily even in times of stress or crisis.

Also, offering personalized pens allows you to have each pen be used by only one patient. Medical paperwork often has to be filled out before an appointment, even by infections patients. By not reusing pens but instead letting patients keep the pens they use, an office can reduce the rate of items being touched by multiple patients and therefore reduce the spread of infection. Obviously, in an office where many sick people come and go and which is trying to promote healthy practices, this is a huge advantage! Hand sanitizer and other similar items can do a lot, but it is even better if the patients never come in contact with the items in the first place.

Moreover, while many hospitals have to take measures to keep their pens from being accidentally taken, if you account for sending pens with your patient as part of the services you provide, you don’t need to do so. While it may seem like losing the pens frequently might be costly, you should also consider that the pens can be a source of advertising for you. Regular patients who have their pen may lend it to friends, especially if they have multiple pens from various visits. They can then recommend your practice to their friends and easily give them all of your contact information. Similarly, new patients who decide they want to continue their healthcare with you can easily find your information as well. 

Personalized pens are not hard to get and can be bought in bulk, which is especially useful for situations where they are expected to be taken. They can also be easily tailored to the colors of your practice along with containing your information for a very professional look.