Pink Ribbons, Meet Personalized Pens

Are you running a breast cancer awareness campaign? Many people feel the need to get deeply involved in these campaigns, especially if the disease has affected them or their loved ones personally. Many efforts have been very successful on a large scale, but how can you make your local work more useful? One possible method of spreading awareness is through personalized pens.

Personalized pens can be bought in large batches, and prices frequently decrease per unit if you buy them in increased bulk. This makes them good for handing out for any type of charity or awareness effort, since it means fewer funds are going to the cost of materials and more to the cause itself. The personalization option means that you can make the pens the iconic pink and also add a general awareness message or specific contact information for your organization.

Pens make a great way to disburse this kind of information because people are less likely to just throw them away than they would a flyer. A pen is useful, and everyone likes getting something they can use for free. They will keep the pen, and every time they use it, they will be reminded of your organization. This is effective for fundraising, and even more effective for awareness. Even if they never feel a compulsion do donate for research, seeing the pen may remind them to get tested or at least check themselves more frequently than they otherwise would. Early detection is key for treating any cancer, and many breast cancer awareness campaigns focus on testing and detecting as their main message. A personalized pen can help keep that message fresh in people’s minds more effectively than a pamphlet or flyer would.

A pen can also be useful as a symbol that the individual supports breast cancer research, similar to pink ribbons or pink wristbands. Volunteers and others who are involved with the movement will be proud to carry their personalized pens around with them and display them whenever they need to write something down, whether it be a phone number or a check. This also helps spread awareness. If you want to defray the costs of the pens somewhat, you can also make them a bonus for donating a certain amount or purchasing one of the larger pieces of fundraiser merchandise. There are many ways to work these pens into your campaign!