How to Use Branded Swag to Build Customer Loyalty

Promotional merchandise has been one of the most popular techniques to achieve customer loyalty for a long time now. It doesn't matter what kind of business you run, branded swag will only help you create a good relationship with new and existing clients.

  • It's in the human nature to love free stuff.
  • According to a 2012 study, 66% of people remember the brand after they have received promotional products.
  • Their staying power matters --people keep using them for years.
  • They make a good impression because the brand looks more professional.

"But how should someone use them?" someone could ask. Sure, the first step is to create a great product like our amazing pens that will make your business stand out. The second step, though, is to know how to market them.

So, let's take a look at six key elements you want to keep in mind when giving away branded swag. Success doesn't come on its own. You have to make it happen!

1. Make Them Social Media Worthy

Promotional stuff is about real life. Social media are obviously all about our virtual lives. So, why not combine them two together and achieve some great customer loyalty and recognition at the same time?

Make your swag look cool. It may function as a pen and have a really cool design at the same time, for example.

Go for a custom idea that will make people want to post a photo of it online. This way, more and more people will familiarize themselves with your brand and you will get more followers --both in real and virtual life.

Before you conclude what product you will be giving away, make sure you do your research and some A/B testing about what people share online. It will help you understand what people really want from you.

2. Make People Happy

To be honest, brands giving away branded products are so many. So, you have a difficult task here: Put a smile on people's face.

Be ahead of your competition and try to make swag that will give people the idea that you have actually spent money on them. Making them believe that you contributed to a great experience will only make them appreciate you.

There are hundreds of products out there that look expensive when, in the reality, they are really affordable and easy to work with. Look for these products and get more customer loyalty and engagement.

3. Consider Giving Them as Welcome Gifts

Just imagine this scenario. You walk into a store and you get a product that you really liked. You go the register and, out of the blue, the cashier lets you know that she put a gift for you in the bag.

You immediately form positive feelings about this store and the brand in general, right?

This is the kind of customer loyalty we are talking about. When you are giving a gift to someone who has already spent money on your brand, they will most likely come back for more products. And more gifts.

If your company is more about services, you can give free stuff as welcome gifts when someone comes in for a meeting or a business proposal. This will make your brand memorable and look friendly.

4. Don't Forget About Your Employees, Though

Sure, promotional products for your clients or customers are great, but you don't want to exclude the people who work so hard for you.

Back in the past, companies used to offer cash as a bonus which, don't get us wrong, they are great. However, new studies found that employees now respond better to corporate gifts than they do to bonus cash. 

In addition, gifts to employees will also boost creativity and motivation. Gift bags to them will not only show your appreciation but will get these guys work harder and better for you. It's a win-win situation!

5. Relate Swag To Events

Promotional stuff can be sent directly to engaged customers, given after a physical or online purchase, and work as a welcome gift when people visit your company. However, swag is a great and common gift for event attendees too. 

However, your swag must be relevant to the event you are participating.

Think about the event's purpose and character. You don't want to give a T-shirt as a gift when the event has to do with formal dressing, for example. Also, not to brag, but pens are always relevant and a useful merchandised item you want to give away. Click here for our new arrivals.

Also, please keep in mind that swag is something that people will be able to take home with them and use in the near future. So, you want something easy to carry and usable.

Plus, a cool promotional item will drive people directly to your booth.

6. Think About ROI

When you are thinking about a new promotional product, you want to think about its cost, its value, and, of course, its purpose. Considering what the swag can do for you, will only help you develop a strategy.

What do you want to accomplish? How will your merchandise help you with customer loyalty or customer engagement? How much does it cost and how much profit will you gain out of it?

These are standard questions that will help you maximize return on investment and save you some extra money. One factor you might need to work on is your promotional product's relation to the target consumer. Think about what they want and you will boost your swag's effectiveness right away.

What to Keep in Mind

Some additional information you need to consider when building a branded product are:

  • Customer loyalty is not a matter of seconds. Hard work is required.
  • Sometimes you might fail until you come up with a great strategy.
  • Your swag pack is not only about your brand but consumers as well.

So, if you want to offer amazing and timeless merchandise to your existing clients, and generate a larger clientele as well, we've got you covered. Make sure you visit our products page and craft your next swag pack!